Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sai calls Virat and tells him that she has nothing to do with his family or its members and doesn’t want to create any problems in his family; she called him to give him some information, and it’s up to him what to do with it. Virat asks what really happened.

Sai says Karishma’s boyfriend is not the right man; she is sending his addresses, and he can go and warn that boy to stay away from Karishma. Virat asks why she sounds upset. Sai informs her that Bhavani came to her house and created a drama in front of her neighbors; he should explain to Bhavani not to do that again for her own good. Virat considers how to explain to Bhavani not to aggravate an already aggravated situation.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Mohit cries looking at his and Karishma’s photo and recalling Karishma accusing him and leaving home to stay with her boyfriend. He starts drinking heavily. Virat enters his room and stops him. Mohit says to let him forget his pain for a few days. Mohit says that whenever their dear ones leave them, they should convince them and bring them back home; he should apologize to Karishma and bring her back home.

Mohit says Karishma had an affair and left him. Virat says he knows Karishma; she just needs his attention; he shouldn’t have made the mistake he did, and he shouldn’t have lost his love. Mohit says he doesn’t care where Karishma is, and he considers her dead. Virat thinks he himself will go and talk to Karishma.

Sai calls Anandi and thanks her for informing him about Vinu. Anandi says Virat asked not to reveal anything about Vinu to anyone; then why did he reveal everything? Sai wonders if Virat is hiding something and inquires as to what Virat said. Anandi says she should ask Virat herself because it is confidential information and hangs up the phone. Sai thinks that to understand why Anandi sounded nervous, she needs to question Virat.

Virat reaches Karishma’s boyfriend’s house and finds her in a pool of blood, writhing in pain. He calls Sai for help and asks her to reach Karishma’s house immediately. Bhavani watches the news, and the news anchor lashes at her for acting like a social activist and reformer while her own DIL has an affair eloped from home, and so on.

She scolds Sonali for failing to control her DIL, because of which she is facing political hurdles. Omkar says Sonali is already in sorrow because of Mohit’s alcoholism and blames Sai instead for provoking Karishma. Ashwini walks in and says they blame Sai for everything. Bhavani yells that they already saw Sai humiliating them before in front of neighbors and describes how she created drama outside Sai’s house.

Sai reaches Karishma’s house and notices her in pain. She lays Karishma on her bed with Virat’s assistance, fearing that Karishma has had a miscarriage. Ashwini weaves woolen clothes for Shivani’s baby. Pakhi walks in with a jewelry box. Ashwini asks why she is not taking care of herself and not eating while she prepares her favorite food. Pakhi returns Ashwini’s gifted jewelry and says she doesn’t deserve it.

Ashwini asks her to stop thinking negatively and focus on recovering soon. Pakhi wonders what she will do after recovering when Virat chose Sai over her and saved Sai first; now that Virat is openly roaming with Sai, she feels ill-fated and powerless to change her fate.

Ashwini says she can understand her pain, as even she has experienced the same thing, but she didn’t give up because her son was with her and she spent her life looking at him. Even Pakhi has her son Vinu and should live for him. Pakhi believes that women have other desires and that women should not always compromise; she desired her own child, and that will never happen again. Ashwin comforts her.

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