Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Ayaan getting tensed for Faltu. Ayaan says, “Let’s go back to Tanisha.” Tanisha thinks my plan hasn’t even started properly, and you want to go back? That means my plan is working. Faltu abruptly begins talking to the girls around her about how, after Ayaan Mittal’s plan failed, she thought that coming from Ittarpur, he would guide her and help her become a cricketer.

He was very rich, so I thought he could help me, but his dad didn’t like anything about cricket, and who knew Tanisha was already there in his life? It’s better I got out of it, as it was no use since I didn’t get any money or any help. Faltu says I always focus on my own benefit; now that I left Ayaan and found a new guy, I just want to fulfill my dream, and I will do that by hook or crook.

Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu says you know who funded my dad’s operation. Tanisha gave me 20 lakh rupees, so my goal is to get 20 lakh rupees from this new guy and give it to Tanisha. Ayaan is shocked to hear all this. Faltu’s friends leave when she turns around and says, “You guys are here.”

Ayaan claims that everyone was correct about you: you were greedy and selfish, and your parents spelled your name correctly as Faltu. Faltu is about to leave when Ayaan stops her and tells her that she will not leave until I finish. Ayaan says, “Don’t worry, I won’t ask much today, but why did you pretend to be an innocent girl?”

You could have told me about your intentions to be just a cricketer, and I would have helped in that way, but you kept me and my family in the dark. Faltu says I always had everything clear; I told you to keep yourself away from me, but you never listened. Ayaan says he won’t let you talk like this to my family or me because my wife paid for your operation.

Faltu says I will return the money. Ayaan says I won’t let any other guy fall into this trap. Faltu says I will manage even then and give you the money with interest. Ayaan says no one will give you any work because you are uneducated. Faltu says, “I’ll see; I’ll become a servant of anyone,” but he promises to return your money.

Ayaan says that if you want to be a servant, you should work for your family and repay us. Tanisha is shocked. Faltu is silent. Ayaan says what happened. You are silent. I knew you just wanted to trap rich guys and use them. Ayaan turns back just then. Faltu says yes, and I accept it. Ayaan says, “Okay, then come at 11 a.m. tomorrow, because you know I am very punctual, and it won’t be good if you arrive late.”

Ayaan says, “Come, Tanu.” They leave. Tanu texts Faltu to meet me in front of the chawl at 12 a.m. Later, Tanisha shares her worry with Sid about how all this happened, as she was unsure of Sid’s plan and her mom suggested doing it this way. I don’t know how Faltu agreed to this or if it’s right or not. Sid suggests that, because they have already developed misunderstandings, this may be the best option for us. Tanisha says she doesn’t know. Tanisha leaves. Sumitra hears all this and smiles.

Faltu cries and sits on the road, crying. Faltu says, “How can Ayaan ask me to be a servant?” Why did I agree? I don’t know what Tanisha must be thinking of me. Faltu calms herself and thinks it’s good that I needed a job to repay them, and now that I’m staying in their house, I can slowly make Ayaan hate me. Faltu gets up and looks at her face in the water.

Faltu 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sumitra comes to Sid and says, “What did I just hear?” Sid says Ayaan always makes his work easier. Sumitra says with Faltu coming as a servant here, we can have so much drama. Sumitra says, but what if Janardan doesn’t like it? Sid says Tanisha is here; she will talk to him; he can say no to Bahu, but not to a 50 percent partner, right?

Sumitra says great things; I can’t imagine how much drama will be there, and you know, na. Sid says you love drama. They both smirked. In the chawl, Tanisha meets Faltu. Faltu says I did this so that I could create hatred in Ayaan for me every day. I really am grateful to you, so don’t worry; I can die for you as well. Tanisha says maybe this is the only way to do it.


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