Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Tanisha asking Faltu about her dad. Faltu says he is okay. Tanisha says, “Tell me one thing: why did you decline the offer of a manager?” Faltu says, as I mentioned, he got another job. Tanisha says, “Tell me where you got the job.” Faltu looks worried. Here, Ayaan and others talk about where Tanisha is.

Sid thinks Tanisha might land in trouble today. Faltu says I can’t reveal where I got the job. Tanisha says, “How did you get it?” Faltu says, “I just didn’t want to take more help from you, as I can’t be a burden to you or Ayaan, and then I will not be able to look into your eyes.” I will return your money soon. Tanisha says you already have a relationship with Ayaan through Sindoor’s relationship. Faltu is shocked.

Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sid sees Kanika come, so he goes to ask Kanika about Tanisha, as she went to meet Faltu. Kanika is shocked. Tanisha says, “I know the truth, you see.” Tanisha shows Faltu her video confession. Tanisha says I always felt something was wrong with the way you went away from all of us, so I am sorry I tried to record your confession just to know the truth. Tanisha says I always considered you my friend, but you turned out to be my sautan.

Faltu says when Ayaan put sindoor on me, it meant nothing; I have no feelings for him, which is why I went away from you all. Tanisha says, “But you took Ayaan’s help, right?” Faltu looks shocked. Here, Dadi asks Ayaan about Tanisha. Suhana says Tanisha went to the washroom. Ayaan goes to the room to check, while Sid stays with Kanika to keep her busy. Sumitra comes to Sid and takes him aside. Sumitra asks Sid: “What is actually going on?” As I noticed, you are weird.

Sid says Tanisha went to meet Faltu. Sumitra says she went today. But why? Ayaan worries as he is unable to find Tanisha anywhere. Faltu says I didn’t take any help from Ayaan because I don’t want to have any connections with you all, especially Ayaan. Faltu says that was the reason I developed a hate Ayaan for me. Tanisha says, “But that is not enough; Ayaan still cares for you and thinks about you.” Faltu says, “What do you want me to do?” Tanisha says, “Please do what I say.”

Promise? Faltu promises that if you want something done, he will do it for you. Here, Ayaan looks at Sid and asks him if he knows where Tanisha is. “I don’t know,” says Sid. Ayaan says, “Then why are you here at the door?” Pandit ji asks Dadi to ask her bahu to come fast as time is running out for aarti. Suddenly, Tanisha comes there and says, “I’m sorry.” “I went to bring this sindoor box to Mata Rani because my pandit ji said it is good for Ayaan’s health,” Dadi says it’s okay. Sid tries to ask Tanisha about Faltu. Tanisha says she will tell you later.

Sid is upset and envious when he sees Tanisha and Ayaan together. Tanisha and Ayaan do the aarti together. Later, after the puja is over, Ayaan and Tanisha come to the room. Ayaan claims that if you had been later, Dadi would have scolded us both. Tanisha says I wanted to tell you something: Faltu is in Mumbai, and I went to meet her.

That is why I was late. Ayaan is shocked, and he asks, “Why?” Tanisha says I told you I would help her in any way I could, so I offered her a job at JM Mart; however, after speaking with her, I learned she already had a job offer and declined mine. She also promised to repay my $20K soon, so I suspect she is up to no good.

Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ayaan says she will pay your money and arrange for more to be sent there too. How? Let it go. Here, Faltu gets ready in heels and a knee-length dress. Tanisha pretends to talk to her friend about being unable to come to her friend’s birthday in a club. Ayaan says she should go, as she is her friend.

Tanisha says she called us both, and you are not well. Ayaan says I am not that old; I am still young and can accompany you. They both reach a club, where Tanisha points out Faltu dancing in a short dress with other girls. Tanisha says I never saw her wearing anything other than Indian suits. Ayaan is also taken aback by this.


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