Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Dadi telling Kinshuk that there will be no party for now, only puja. Janardan asks Savita to make the arrangements. Sid gets a text from Tanu asking if he’s heard anything more about Faltu. “No,” says Sid. Here, the villagers say, how can you send a girl alone? Ratan says I can’t say anything. Faltu says you don’t even have the right as well, as you didn’t support us when we needed you and then you tried to take our property.

Charan says, “Ratan, you must be sad that, as we are not going, you won’t be able to steal the property.” Ratan and the villagers leave. Later, Charan asks Faltu, “How will you go alone?” Faltu says you need to rest here, so I’ll go. However, your vision is not fully restored, according to Jamana.

Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu says he can see a few things, and the rest he can show doctors. Don’t give up on your dream of playing cricket, says Charan because I enjoy watching you play. Faltu says yes, I’ll take Lajjo as well; she’s needed here right now. Lajjo believes I wanted to go because Amar was present. Faltu leaves for Mumbai.

At night, all of the Mittal family’s cousins perform a “born fire” and play truth or dare. The first dare is given by Ayesha to Kinshuk. Kinshuk does 100 sit-ups, but he gets tired after 50. Tanisha is then questioned in order to reveal a secret. Tanisha says I love Ayaan a lot and can do anything for him. Sid feels jealous.

Then it’s time for Ayaan when Kinshuk asks how much you love Tanisha, and is it her or the sautan? By sautan, I mean JM Mart, as your business gives good competition to Tanisha. Suhana asks Ayaan to close his eyes and see who he sees. Ayaan denies it but then agrees to do it. Ayaan sees Faltu and gets angry, so he leaves without saying anything. Sid tells Tanisha, who must have Ayaan see it, that he is angry. Tanisha worries.

The following day, the boys are playing cricket in the courtyard when Faltu comes in and catches the ball. Faltu says I love cricket. Faltu greets and meets Kaku and Kaki. They welcome Faltu and say Charan informed them about her coming here and how she is finding a job. Faltu thanks them for always being there. Faltu inquires if he has a job. Kaku says he tried finding one, but they all need someone educated.

Faltu sees the newspaper and decides to look for job postings in it. Faltu takes one and goes. Here, Sid tells Tanisha about Faltu’s coming to Mumbai. Tanisha says I need to meet her and convince her to work at JM Mart as I need to create differences between Ayaan and Faltu. Sid says, “I know, but how will you do it today?” Tanisha attempts to leave, but Dadi stops her and assigns her a lot of work.

Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Tanisha says I was thinking about meeting Mon. Dadi says she will come in the evening, so don’t worry. Tanisha becomes sad. Sumitra asks Sid about Tanisha’s tense face. “I don’t know,” says Sid. Later in the evening, Tanisha becomes restless, and all her cousins come for pictures when Tanisha says she will be back after calling mom. Sid follows her. Tanisha asks Sid to cover for her as she is going to meet Faltu. “But Dadi needs you to do the aarti and puja,” Sid says. Tanisha says I will be back by then.

Tanisha goes without being noticed by anyone. Faltu is talking to Charan and sharing how her doctor says her eyesight is fully back. Charan instructs Faltu not to add to his stress. Faltu sees Mata Rani’s jagarata. Due to the music, she is unable to hear Charan, and the phone disconnects. Faltu seeks Mata Rani’s blessing. Tanisha comes and asks Faltu, “How is she?” I think your eyesight is fully back. Faltu says yes, it is. How are you? How is Ayaan? Faltu and Tanisha look at each other.


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