Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Angoori discussing Charan’s condition with Pappi and Ratan. She says that his operation amount is huge, and Jamuna won’t be able to pay it. She proclaims that soon Faltu will also come there to see her father and advise Pappi to pay the amount of Charan’s operation in order to make Faltu in debt to him.

She claims that by exploiting the situation, he will be able to marry Faltu. Ratan says that the latter won’t come there, as Charan has strictly prohibited her from entering Ittarpur. Angoori challenges her husband and says that Faltu will surely come there, as she won’t abandon her father in such a state.

Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Here, Faltu reaches Ittarpur along with Lajwanti and goes inside the hospital where Charan is admitted. Angoori faces them and taunts them for being responsible for Charan’s state. She says that because of them, he had a heart attack, to which Faltu gives a befitting reply to Angoori. The latter asks her to accept Pappi’s help, but Faltu ignores them and goes inside.

Jamuna hears Angoori’s taunts toward her daughters and confronts the latter. She rebukes Angoori and asks her to stay away from their family matters. She blames the latter for Charan’s attack and says that because of her and Ratan, he suffered from it. She claims that they are arrogant and do not value relationships.

Elsewhere, Ayaan keeps thinking about Faltu and gets furious at himself for doing it. He recalls his behavior towards Tanisha and scolds himself for not giving the wife’s rights to her. He questions himself about why he wasn’t able to accept their marriage and move on from Faltu. He feels bad for Tanisha and blames himself for it.

Suhanna comes to Ayaan’s room and asks about a sweet dish from Rajasthan. He asked her to give him some hints so that he could help her remember the name. She tells them that Faltu made it for them, while he recalls a moment with the latter. He recalls Faltu making him sweets and the flour that had fallen on them.

Ahead, Ayaan tries to move on from Faltu’s thoughts but gets defeated. He talks about his feelings for her and regrets them. Meanwhile, his staff calls him from Ittarpur and notifies him about Charan’s heart attack. He becomes concerned for him, while Siddharth learns of it and panics, claiming that it will derail his plan. He tells Tanisha about it, and she gets elated and proclaims that Faltu will stay away from Ayaan.

Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Siddharth calls Pappi and decides to enlist his help to send Faltu back to Mumbai. The latter gets irked by Siddharth but assures him to follow his command. Meanwhile, Faltu meets Charan and shows her concern for him. He inquires as to why she has come here. She assures him that everything will be fine and asks the doctor about his condition and treatment.

Further, Tanisha tells Ayaan that she brought a gift for Janardan, while he asks about the reason. She says that he was angry with her because she helped Faltu, and so to convince him, she brought a gift. Ayaan tells Tanisha about Faltu’s father and says that he is worried about him. He shares his feelings with her, and she gets concerned. He feels bad for Tanisha because he failed to fulfill his role as her husband.


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