Faltu 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Faltu sitting under a tree and recalling the moment when she lost her eyesight and hit a pillar inside the temple. She remembers how she got unconscious and then woke up for some time. She decides to stay away from Ayaan because if he gets to know about her condition, then he will do anything to look after her and won’t go back to his marriage.

She is determined to make a sacrifice for Ayaan’s happiness and decides to go away from him, as well as hide the truth from him about her loss of vision. She then cries recalling her dreams and proclaims that she can’t lose her eyesight without fulfilling them.

Faltu 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Faltu determines to help herself and proclaims that no one will come to her rescue. She wipes her tears and gathers the courage to look after herself. She moves forward and keeps walking in the hope to reach somewhere where she can stay as well as doesn’t have to worry about anything else. She keeps walking while the cars and bikes keep going on the road.

Faltu reaches the road and tries to cross it. She was about to get hit but somehow gets saved. She keeps walking without thinking about anything. She recalls her moments with Ayaan and proclaims that she has to stay away from him for his happiness and peace only. Whereas, Ayaan gets restless thinking about Faltu.

Elsewhere, the police notify Ayaan that they couldn’t able to find Faltu. Janardan and Kanika ask him to move on and proclaims to concentrate on his marriage with Tanisha. They resume the marriage ceremony while Ayaan keeps thinking about Faltu. He gets worried about her whereabouts while Kinsukh and Harsh bring Ayaan to the mandap.

Tanisha sits along with Ayaan while the guests surround them to witness their marriage. He keeps recalling his moments with Faltu and gets serious. He starts following the rituals and continues taking pheras along with Tanisha. Rijula sees him worried and understands his concern. She also gets tensed for Faltu.

Ahead, Rijula proclaims that none of the doctors could treat Ayaan as his illness is something else. Meanwhile, Ayaan completes the pheras with Tanisha being lost in Faltu’s memories. Meanwhile, everyone stops him as he was about to move for more pheras and makes fun of him.

Faltu 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

The priest forwards Vermillion to Ayaan and asks him to put it on Tanisha’s forehead. The latter keeps thinking about Faltu and sees lost while Kanika taunts him and asks to come out of Faltu’s thoughts. The latter then fills Tanisha’s hairline and they get married. Later, Dadi tries to console Ayaan while he cries remembering his promise to always protect Faltu, while Rijula and Dadi ask him to leave everything to God.

Further, Harsh tells that police are trying to search for Faltu but couldn’t able to find her. Meanwhile, Faltu raches a restaurant and hears people having a conversation. Two people come forward and ask if she cannot see. They proclaim to help her, while a man sees her after hearing their conversation secretly and smirks thinking about something evil.

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