Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Janardhan claiming that this girl is doing all of this, which is not true; she is blackmailing you, and if you don’t remember anything about that night, then Faltu is deceiving you; however, you have married Tanisha with full rituals, and she is legally your wife.

Ayaan says he knows my hand held the sindoor that night. Janardhan says Faltu is an opportunist; she is using this. Ayaan says no, she is not. She never asked for her rights; she came as a servant; she is fighting her own fights; you only taught me that we should never hurt a friend, so I am following that.

Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Janardhan says you putting sindoor on Faltu was just a mistake; marriage happens only when you do it publicly or legally, and with Faltu you did neither, so don’t pursue this further; if you keep it to yourself, then this won’t get out, or else we will come on the road and our business will be shut. Janardhan requests that you please close this chapter; I am going out to handle it. Ayaan stands confused.

Here, Savita tries to apologize to Tanisha when Kanika takes Tanisha to talk inside alone. Sid’s dad comes and says, “How can Ayaan not understand that this marriage is connected to our business?” “How can he do this just because of Faltu’s news?” “I feel something bigger has happened,” Sumitra says she agrees. Dadi says to let them all come first.

Faltu does research on Vishal and gets to know that Vishal and Ayaan were on the same team. Faltu thinks they behaved like strangers, and what if Vishal did this because I am associated with Ayaan? Kanika asks Tanisha if Ayaan has any proof that Faltu is his wife. Tanisha says it’s not possible. Kanika says you only think, “When Ayaan saw the news, he was okay, but then later, he went, what if that blackmailer sent some proof like the confession video of Faltu?”

Tanisha says it’s not possible, as it was with me and Sid, and I only deleted it from Sid’s phone, and now that video is on the pen drive. Kanika says anyone can get this from the hospital, maybe for money. Ayaan thinks about what to do and whether to agree with Janardhan or not. Faltu is busy searching for more information on Vishal when Charan asks her to eat. Faltu says I am not hungry; I won’t eat until I find some proof.

Here, Janardhan comes, and everyone asks him about the reason Ayaan ran away from the airport. Janardhan asks for Kanika and Tanisha. Kanika comes and says, “I am here to listen to the truth; I want to know why Ayaan left Tanisha at the airport.” I have only one daughter; I married her to Ayaan, thinking she would be happy. Kanika says, “Tell me what happened with Ayaan today.” I’d like to know, or we can just call it quits on this marriage, on this partnership, because it’s pointless. Janardan says he understands your concern and threat; you know that without the partnership, our business will fail and we will suffer financially.

Kanika says, “So why don’t you make your son understand?” What is he hiding that he couldn’t talk in front of everyone? Janardan says Ayaan needs counseling. Sid whispers to Sumitra, “What did Ayaan tell him?” Did he say the truth or something else? Janardhan says Ayaan needs professional help. Sumitra whispers back, saying, “Let’s hear more to see.” Savita is shocked and says my son is okay, so why help? Janardhan says Ayaan has shared things that have been bothering him for a while, like the guilt he has been feeling for Faltu.

I failed to make him understand this, as I realized none of us can, so only a professional counselor can help him get out of this guilt that he got Faltu to take responsibility but then left her on her own. What nonsense, says Kanika? Janardhan says you are well educated; you should understand that in this state a person cannot be happy, and how can we expect him to keep anyone else happy? Here, Faltu’s friends bring information to Vishal about his having no family and how he got selected for the Nationals but was kicked off. Faltu is perplexed as to how he was chosen as a coach in the first place.


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