Faltu 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Faltu finding out about Ayaan coming for her rescue. She gets worried about his marriage and thinks about a plan to stop him from coming for her help. She states that she can’t let him sacrifice his happiness and bear all the problems for her. She then starts manipulating Pappi and tries to win his trust.

She shows her fake love towards him, while his goons warn him and ask him not to fall for her trick. Pappi glare at Faltu and questions about the sudden change in her behavior, to which she replies that it is not sudden. She lies that when she saw him searching for her all over Mumbai, then she realized his love for her.

Faltu 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Faltu compares Ayaan with Pappi and tells her that he had thrown her out of his house, while Pappi wants to marry and keep her with himself. She states that she understood his love for her and wants to give it back to him. He gets shy and becomes elated after hearing her confession. She also whispers in his ears that she wants to confess her love to him. He gets elated and asks her to do it.

Faltu tells that she won’t say her feelings for Pappi in front of his goons and ask him to get inside the room along with her. He agrees to it and asks his goons to wait for him. He excitedly goes along with Faltu inside the room and locks it. Whereas, the goons make the priest wait for the marriage to begin. Meanwhile, Pappi shows his excitement towards Faltu and ask her to express her love.

Elsewhere, Faltu starts looking for something which she can use to trap Pappi. She sees a role and gets an idea. She keeps cooking up lies for Pappi and says that she is lucky to have him. She then states that she is missing her family as well as her siblings and wants to marry in front of them. She proclaims that they both will have to find a solution for it, while he gets furious and was about to scold her but controls himself.

Pappi talks nicely with Faltu hiding his irritation and asking her to forget about his family and care only about him. He tells that how he will treat her like a queen after their marriage and says that he is happy to know that she also loves him. He says that they both will have a love marriage and gets elated. Meanwhile, she asks him to close his eyes before hearing her confession.

Ahead, Faltu makes Pappi turn away and close his eyes. He becomes excited when she takes the role and ties him immediately. He becomes shocked while she grabs his gun and threatens him. Whereas, Ayaan also reaches there along with the agent. Meanwhile, Kanika gets furious at Ayaan but Tanisha takes a stand for him. Sumitra tries to provoke them against Ayaan.

Tanisha says that everyone knows how peculiar Ayaan is about his promises and assures him that he will return back on time. Sumitra talks ill about Ayaan whole Rijula takes a stand for him. Sumitra argues with Rijula, while Dadi and Govind scold the latter for being mean. Whereas, Siddharth proclaims that he can’t let Ayaan return back on time and is determined to stop his and Tanisha’s marriage.

Faltu 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Further, Janardan also takes a stand for Ayaan when the commissioner gets involved and asks Harsh to call Ayaan in order to return back. Meanwhile, Charan gets worried for Faltu and calls Suhanna. He asks to talk to Ayaan, while Savita takes the phone and notify about the sacrifices of Ayaan for Faltu.

Charan feels guilty and also shows his gratitude towards the latter. Meanwhile, Faltu takes Pappi out of the room and points a gun toward his goons asking him to step back. Ayaan sees it from aside and gets impressed. Pappi warns Faltu and ask to leave him but she denies it.

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