Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ayaan blaming Vishal and saying Vishal might have tried to hit Faltu, and she didn’t give a response to him. So Vishal is taking his revenge like this. Vishal and Ayaan try to argue, but Karnika stops their argument. Kanika asks Ayaan how he can leave his wife Tanisha at the airport and come here and defend Faltu. Ayaan asks Karnika to allow him to meet Faltu. Karnika says it is not possible and says she will talk to Janardhan.

Ayaan attempts to contact Bapu Sa, who is standing next to Faltu. But Faltu stops Bapu Sa from picking up the call and says she doesn’t want to create trouble for Ayaan, and she will solve her own problems. Faltu asks Bapu Sa to switch off his phone completely. Bapu Sa switches off his phone while listening to Faltu.

Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ayaan’s family tries to call Ayaan, but he doesn’t pick up their call. Ayaan’s family ladies worry about Ayaan leaving Tanisha at the airport. Janardan comes and complains to Savita that Karnika called him and said that Ayaan came to her to defend Faltu. Janardhan talks badly about Faltu and admonishes Ayaan’s actions with regard to Faltu and leaving Tanisha at the airport. Janardhan claims that this Ayaan has proven it. Dadi doesn’t allow Janardhan to complete that sentence. Janardhan’s sister thinks, “What is Janardhan about to say?” Janardhan says he sent Sid to bring Tanisha.

Tanisha complained to Sid about Ayaan leaving her at the airport after seeing the video clip of Faltu. Sid says that no matter what, Ayaan should not have left her in the airport like that and that if he were in Ayaan’s shoes, he would never do something like that. A woman comes and says to Faltu that they don’t believe the rumors that they are showing about her in the news.

The woman says they will support Faltu. Faltu thanks her. Faltu says she will stay here for a few days. The house owner also says she can stay here as long as she wants. Faltu thanks the house owner and goes to her room. Faltu thinks to herself that she has to find out who doesn’t want her to move forward and recalls what happened in the academy with her.

Janardhan asks Keshav to call Ayaan to come here. Keshav agrees and goes to make a call. Janardhan says today is going to be the day it is decided if Ayaan is going to stay in this house or not. Dadi asks Janardhan, “What is he talking about?” Janardhan claims that Ayaan must choose between his family and Faltu today. Sid brings Tanisha to the house.

Savita asks Tanisha to sit down. Karnika comes and asks Tanisha not to cry. Tanisha sees Karnika and hugs her. Karnika says she is going to make Ayaan pay for making her cry. Karnika asks Janardhan to decide whether Ayaan will stay in this house or leave with Faltu. Dadi asks why Ayaan should pay for Faltu’s crimes. Karnika reminds Dadi that, from their engagement until now, if Ayaan left Tanisha hanging, it was because of Faltu.

Bapu Sa asks Faltu, “What will she do?” Bapu Sa tries to convince Faltu to come with him and return to their village. Faltu claims that if she does not leave now, everyone will believe the rumors. Faltu says she will not leave here until she proves her innocence. Ayaan comes home. Janardhan scolds Ayaan for supporting Faltu. Ayaan says to Janardhan that he wants to talk to him alone.

Friends of Faltu tell her they will help her to prove her innocence. Faltu asks them to keep an eye on Vishal without his knowledge to reach the person who asked him to frame her. They ask her not to be tense and assure her they will help her. They leave. Sachin asks Faltu if she feels like they will help her. Faltu says they will, and I won’t leave this matter until I prove my innocence. Sachin says he will inform her mother. She asks him not to make her tense by informing her. Sachin agrees.

In the room, Janardhan criticizes Ayaan for leaving Tanisha at the airport. He says you kept our family’s reputation at stake, so tell me what explanation you’re going to give for going to Faltu and leaving Tanisha. Ayaan says he will tell him everything. He says he doesn’t remember what happened that night, but I saw sindoor in Faltu’s mang before I fell unconscious. On another side, Sid worries about what Ayaan is saying to Janardhan. Sumithra comes to him and asks him to come downstairs.

She asks, “What if Ayaan reveals a confession from Faltu?” Sid says Janardhan may stop Ayaan from revealing it to the family, as he doesn’t want any problems to arise in the family and business because then our plan will flop. Sumithra advises him to virtualize the video. Janardhan asks for sindoor. Ayaan says I asked her to put sindoor in her mang but she didn’t, but an anonymous caller on Valentine’s Day informed me that I filled Faltu’s mang. Janardhan asks if he did it based on the call. Ayaan says no and shows him Faltu’s confession.


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