Faltu 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Faltu devises a plan

Faltu 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ayaan gathering all his family members together and standing in front of Tanisha. He says that he wants her permission for something, while Janardan questions if it is related to Faltu. The latter gets furious and asks why Ayaan is bringing up her topic again and again when the matter is already solved.

Kanika also rebukes him and states how he knows about Faltu when he promised that he won’t have any connection with her when she left the house. Ayaan says that he can’t leave Faltu alone in Mumbai, as he promised Charan to look after his daughter.

Faltu 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Ayaan insists on Tanisha and asks her to understand while Siddharth smirks, and Sumitra intentionally asks why Ayaan is more concerned for Faltu even during his wedding. He notifies about the truth that Faltu is in danger as Pappi has kidnapped her. He states that he needs to go there to fulfill his promise and proclaims that he just can’t let her be alone.

Janardan gets furious at Ayaan and asks him to focus on his wedding. He states that Tanisha doesn’t want him to leave and that is why she is silent. He then asks Harsh to call the police commissioner and notify him about the matter. He proclaims that the police will handle the situation and ask Ayaan to stop his nonsense and concentrate on the wedding. Whereas, he keeps looking at Tanisha with hopeful eyes.

Elsewhere, Charan gets ready to leave for Mumbai. He packs his bag and gets everything. He is determined to protect Faltu from Pappi and was about to leave to catch the train when Pappi makes a call to him. Ratan and Angoorie get furious seeing Charan trying to go to Mumbai, but couldn’t able to stop him. Pappi notify Charan about his plan and say that he had already kidnapped Faltu and is going to marry her. Faltu’s family is shocked while Charan requests Pappi to leave her.

Angoorie gets excited after learning about Pappi’s plan and asks him to marry Faltu as soon as possible, while Charan breaks down. Meanwhile, Faltu prays to God for help. She recalls the previous times when Ayaan Or Rijula supported her against Pappi and helped her to fight against the latter. She gets teary eyes and consoles herself that no one is going to save her this time and asks herself to take a stand for her own sake.

Ahead, Faltu gets dressed as a bride and comes out of the room. Pappi gets elated upon seeing her and starts flirting. Meanwhile, she goes with the flow and he gets surprised by her behavior. The goons warn Pappi to be careful of Faltu while the latter realizes the truth and asks her not to be over-smart. Meanwhile, the commissioner was busy and Ayaan insists Tanisha let him save Faltu. The latter agrees and gives him permission stating that she knows he will never break his promise.

Rijula sees pain of Ayaan for Faltu and proclaims that he is trying to avoid his feelings for Faltu. She gets worried for them, while Ayaan immediately goes in search of Faltu. Whereas, Ayaan calls his agent and asks him to inform the local police about the matter. He gets restless to save Faltu whole Siddharth calls Pappi and notifies him about Ayaan’s arrival. He then asks the latter to make sure that Ayaan won’t be able to return back on time and smirks thinking about his evil plan.

Faltu 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Further, Sumitra hears Siddharth’s plan a d appreciates him. She asks him to be careful while having a conversation. He advises her to have a talk with Kanika so that she will agree to get him married to Tanisha. He reminds of Janardan’s words and states that he will surely get success in his plan.

Meanwhile, Faltu worries about Ayaan and states that because of his decision he will have tk fave havoc in his marriage. She then acts sweetly in front of Pappi but he holds his emotions back and asks her not to fool him.

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