Faltu 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vishal coming to the board and saying the video is right, and Faltu tried to force herself on me. Faltu gets shocked. Faltu says, “What are you saying?” Vishal says I can’t lie in front of everyone; that video also clearly shows how you want to come close to me to help you build your career; on the first day too, you came into my room, and I made you go out. Faltu says, “But yesterday you only called me there.” Vishal says, “Why will I?” When I sent you out the first day,

Here, Tanisha asks Ayaan to hurry, and Ayaan calms Tanisha as they have time. Ayaan sees a video that an unknown number has shared. Tanisha says we are getting late; let’s go. Ayaan agrees. Vishal says that Faltu also asked for extra classes, but Faltu is just good at cheap tricks and not cricket. Faltu cries.

Faltu 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Tanisha and Ayaan are on their way inside the airport when Ayaan gets a call from the same unknown number. Tanisha questions, “Why pick up?” Ayaan still picks up, and Sid, in a different voice, asks Ayaan to check the news as he is going on his honeymoon, but Faltu is paying for hiding the truth from you; she is trapped. Ayaan feels worried.

Kanika asks Faltu to pack her bags and leave. Faltu requests that Kanika inquires about me with Tanisha once she realizes I am not like that. Kanika says she won’t go against everyone just because you are saying this. A flashback is shown where Kanika offers Vishal a job with a good package and extra money on the condition that he helps her humiliate Faltu. Here, Sumitra, Chachu, and Kinshuk see the news and talk about how Faltu is not like that.

Savita comes and asks everyone not to say anything to Ayaan, and we don’t know Faltu that well; she might have done this, and most importantly, Ayaan and Tanisha are finally going to enjoy themselves, and we don’t want to disturb them. Inform Sid and others as well. They all agree. Kanika and Vishal issued a statement to the media regarding Faltu’s expulsion from the academy due to her use of unethical means to advance her career. Faltu cries.

Sid believes that now is the time for her to make her final move. Sid sends Faltu’s confession video and calls Ayaan to see the final video. Ayaan sees Faltu confessing about Ayaan putting sindoor on her before his marriage with Tanisha. Ayaan is shocked and emotional. Ayaan rushes to the academy by taxi. Tanisha tries to find Ayaan but doesn’t find her anywhere and gets worried. Faltu also gives her statement to the media about how she will prove herself right and unmask these people. Kanika calls Tanisha and is shocked to find out that Ayaan is missing.

Kanika worries that Faltu might not stay silent now. Faltu hears taunts about being a bad daughter, and just then she sees Charan, who asks her what happened. These guys showed me the video. Faltu says I am being trapped incorrectly. She goes to leave with Charan. Tanisha calls Kanika and tells her that Ayaan called her to apologize because he is leaving for the academy. Kanika says I will talk to him, as Faltu has already left. Ayaan comes, and Faltu leaves by then. Ayaan comes inside and accuses Vishal instead. Vishal gets angry.


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