Faltu 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Faltu going along with the girls for work but gets suspicious of them upon reaching the van. She confronts them about the truth, to which they ask her to sit inside the van, and lies regarding the work. Faltu catches their lie and denies to trust them. She was about to leave when the girls tries to force her to sit inside the van but the latter pushes them away.

She scolds them for trying to abduct her and was about to leave when Pappi comes there and holds her hand. She gets shocked upon seeing him when he proclaims to marry her at that time. Here, Faltu denies becoming Pappi’s bride and proclaims that she will never let him fulfill his desire. She tries to escape but he doesn’t leave her wrist. She shouts for help but Pappi forcefully pushes her inside the van and he also gets in along with the girls and his goons.

Faltu 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Faltu keeps screaming for help, but no one comes to her rescue. The agent appointed by Ayaan tries to save Faltu and runs behind her but gets late to save her, as the van goes away from there. The agent gets worried and tries to contact Ayaan but the latter was busy with his marriage. Mittals enjoy the functions of Ayaan and Tanisha’s marriage. The male warns Ayaan to get prepared for being ruled by his wife forever in his life.

Elsewhere, Savita gets emotional upon seeing Ayaan as the groom, while Dadi notices her teary eyes and asks about the matter. Savita notify that hoe she got scared when Janardan got angry with Ayaan and denied calling him his own son. She then shows her gratitude towards God for helping them to reconcile.

Dadi asks Savita to enjoy the functions instead of thinking about the past. She also shows Janardan to Savita and asks her to see how happy he is with all the happenings. Meanwhile, Kanika keeps an eye on Ayaan and tells Janardan that she is possessive about them. Whereas, Siddharth gets restless and tries to message Pappi in order to find out about the matter.

Ahead, Sumitra comes towards Siddharth and mocks him that she knew he won’t be able to do anything to Ayaan and so she requested Janardan to increase the payment of her son. He gets furious and proclaims that this time he won’t get fooled. He is determined to take all the things which belong to him. Whereas, the girls find out about the lie Pappi and confront him, while he throws them down after paying their money.

The goons also say that no one will come to rescue Faltu, as they are in an isolated place. The agent tries to find out about Faltu and keeps following the car. He sees the girls and goes towards them. He confronts them, to tell the truth, but they get worried and lie about the matter. He threatens them to call the police, while they blurt out the truth and proclaim that they weren’t aware of his real intentions. Meanwhile, Pappi takes Faltu into a temple and proclaims to marry her forcefully.

Faltu 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

She denies it and gives a befitting reply to him. She also tries to escape but got caught. He points the gun at the priest when he denies getting them married. Further, Pappi also points the gun at Faltu while she faces him bravely. He sends her to a room in order to change into a bridal dress, while she gets worried and tries to calm herself.

Rijula gets tensed for Faltu while Ayaan tells her that he knows about brr whereabouts. Meanwhile, at that time he learns about the kidnapping of Faltu and becomes shocked. Janardan asks if he is fine, to which he gathers everyone and says that he wants to discuss something with everyone, especially in front of Tanisha. Janardan gets restless and asks Ayaan if it is related to Faltu, while Sid smirks knowing about the matter.

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