Faltu 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Faltu thinking about calling her father. She gets nervous thinking about his reaction and decides not to tell the truth to him. She falls into a dilemma and practices for some time in order how to assure her father that she is fine. She proclaims that if she sounds nervous then he will get worried for her.

She then finally makes a call to Charan, and he receives her call after talking to Ayaan. He questions about her whereabouts, to which she assures him that she is absolutely fine. He confronts her about the truth and tells her about his conversation with Ayaan.

Faltu 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Charan scolds Faltu for leaving Ayaan’s house and shows his concern toward her. She notifies him about her perspective and says she doesn’t want to give him more trouble to Ayaan because of her. She states that he has already sacrificed as well as suffered a lot due to her and so she left the house as she doesn’t want to be in trouble in his marriage.

Charan gets tensed thinking about Faltu and says that Pappi is trying to find her. He shows his worry regarding her while she asks him not to worry and tells him about the old woman, whom she started calling Kaki. She notify how she helped the latter and she provided her a place to sleep as well as food. She assures that she is happy and proclaims to fulfill her dreams as soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Jamuna asks Faltu to return back to their home but the latter denies it and states that if she comes there, then Ratan and Angoorie will forcefully make her marry Pappi. She reminds them about the goal for which they have sent her to Mumbai and proclaims to fulfill it anyhow. She asks them to trust on her as she will surely accomplish her dream.

Faltu tells about her trial match and states that after getting selected, she won’t have to worry about accommodation as well as her safety. She asks them not to worry about her and makes them have a conversation with Kaki, who then assures her family that Faltu is safe with her and states that she won’t have any difficulty. Faltu hangs the call while Charan decides to visit Mumbai.

Pratap also decides to accompany Charan, but the latter tells him that Ratan and Angoorie won’t allow him. Ahead, Pratap determines to go to Mumbai to help Faltu and declares that he will convince his parents on his own. Whereas, Mittals starts the preparation for Ayaan’s marriage. They all get ready and dance in order to welcome the bride. Meanwhile, Kanika gets emotional seeing her daughter as the bride while Tanisha consoles her mother and assures her that she will be near her.

Pappi see Faltu and decide to kidnap her but couldn’t able to proceed due to the crowd. He stands there thinking about a way to fulfill his ploy. Whereas, Faltu starts practicing for her trial match. Siddharth gets furious seeing everyone enjoying the wedding of Ayaan and calls Pappi scolding him for not kidnapping Faltu. The latter tells about his perspective while Sid asks him to do it as soon as possible.

Faltu 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Further, Pappi sees a few girls and decides to take their help. He offers them money while they agree to kidnap Faltu. They tell the latter about work while Faltu agrees to do it for money. She goes along with them, whereas Janardan and others dance at the wedding of Ayaan.

The latter checks his phone but Savita snatches it and tells him that she will return it after the wedding. Meanwhile, Kanika glares and taunts Ayaan. They start the garland ceremony, whereas Faltu gets suspicious and denies to go along with the girls. They start forcing her while Pappi holds Faltu as the latter tries to run.

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