Faltu 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Siddharth attending the agent’s call from Ayaan’s phone. The latter notifies him about the address of Faltu, without realizing him to be Siddharth instead of Ayaan. The latter immediately deletes the history of their conversation and leaves Ayaan’s room. He makes an evil ploy in order to teach Ayaan and Faltu a lesson. He smirks thinking about his idea and proclaims that this time they won’t be able to get saved.

Meanwhile, Ayaan comes to his room and checks his phone. He immediately calls the agent and asks about Faltu’s information. Here, the agent assures Ayaan that he is looking after Faltu carefully. He proclaims that she hasn’t gotten suspicious and states that he is keeping his eyes on Faltu all the time. He asks Ayaan to have faith in him, while the latter shows his trust in the agent. Whereas, at that time Faltu taps his shoulder. He turns and gets shocked seeing her.

Faltu 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ayaan keeps asking about the matter while the agent becomes silent. Faltu smiles at him and shows her gratitude towards the latter. She says that till now only Ayaan and Rijula have helped her and now she also got a brother in this strange city like Mumbai. She goes away while the agent notifies her about the matter Ayaan. He asks the agent to be careful of Faltu and makes him clear that she shouldn’t be able to catch them.

Elsewhere, Siddharth calls Pappi while the latter declares that he is preparing their earlier plan. Siddharth says that they have to change the ploy and ask Pappi to follow his orders, but the latter denies it and shows his attitude. Siddharth states that he was going to tell about Faltu’s residence and then was about to cut the call when Pappi stops him and insists to give Faltu’s address.

Siddharth smirks and tells about Faltu’s whereabouts to Pappi, while the latter proclaims to marry her as so that they kidnap Faltu. Sid agrees to Pappi’s request and assures him that he can do anything with Sai. Meanwhile, Faltu worries about telling the truth to her family. She falls into a dilemma and shares her worry with the old lady.

Ahead, the old lady gives place to Sai and assures Faltu that ever thinks will get fine. She then decides to have a conversation with her family and pretends to be happy. She starts practicing the way she will tell everything to Charan. She worries about his reaction, while the latter tries to connect her, but her phone was kept silent.

Mittals perform some rituals for Ayaan and Tanisha’s wedding. Dadi asks the latter to eat the ladoo first as I’m the one who it’s it first will rule the house. The house members make fun of and enjoy it. Whereas, Kanika keeps an eye on Ayaan’s movements. Tanisha eats the sweet hurridly while Ayaan seems lost. He then makes some excuse and goes away. He then talks to the agent and asks to keep helping her.

Faltu 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Further, Pappi goes to find Faltu and scatters his team to search for the latter. He sees Faltu and smirks, whereas Susanna gets worried for Faltu and shows her concern for Rijula. Meanwhile, Charan calls Suhanna and she gives the phone to Ayaan.

The latter notifies the truth to Faltu and assures her to always look after her. Whereas, Ayaan and Sid face one another. Ayaan recalls how Sid tried to intoxicate Faltu and confronts him about his motive. Sid acts to be sweet and gets furious seeing Ayaan happy. He proclaims to snatch all his rights

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