Faltu 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Faltu going to the eye camp along with Charan and Pratap. They meet a doctor and tell him about Faltu’s state, while the latter says that their previous doctor has already informed them of the truth. He says that they have to perform the operation immediately in order to bring Faltu’s eyesight back.

Charan makes a request to the doctor and declares that they are willing to do anything to help his daughter. The doctor tells them not to worry and sends them to another doctor who will do the surgery for free and guarantee that Faltu will get her sight back. Here, Faltu and Charan get hopeful and move toward the other doctor.

Faltu 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

She tells her father that he has already done a lot for her and states that they will accept whatever the result of the operation is. Meanwhile, Siddharth gives the phone Tanisha that he got from the priest. Siddharth repairs the phone and tells Tanisha that it contains information about the marriage. Tanisha gets elated and shows her gratitude toward Siddharth for helping her bring out the truth. She hugs him while he smirks and declares that he will get her in his life anyway.

Elsewhere, Tanisha opens the video and sees it along with Siddharth. They see Ayaan beating Pappi’s goons while they continue to attack them. The video then abruptly stopped, and she became enraged. She proclaims that they need to find out the whole truth. Siddharth calms her down and assures her that he will do anything to help her.

Faltu comes out of the eye camp along with her father and brother. Her neighbors notice her and inquire about the situation, which she describes as the doctor’s verdict. They assure them that Faltu will surely get well and advise them to go to the other doctor for the operation. Meanwhile, Siddharth’s agent overhears the conversation and informs him.

Ahead, Siddharth smirks after learning about the matter and makes a plan. He tells Tanisha that they still have a way to find the truth and proclaims that they will make Faltu confess it on her own. The latter gets happy and agrees to his plan. Meanwhile, Tanisha tries to get close to Ayaan at night, but he pretends to be asleep.

Ayaan feels bad for Tanisha and apologizes to her for not giving her all the rights of a wife. He struggles with his emotions and then sees flashes of Faltu. Meanwhile, Siddharth and Tanisha meet the doctor and try to convince him to help them with their plan. He denies it, stating that it is wrong, but Siddharth bribes him with money.

Furthermore, the doctor is persuaded by Siddharth’s offer. Faltu goes to the doctor, who forces her to sit in a chair and attaches wire to her. He begins questioning her about her life, and she becomes suspicious and refuses to give him any answers. Siddharth and Tanisha continue to look at her from a distance and ask the doctor to do something to force her to confess the truth.

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