Faltu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Faltu trying to help an old lady in order to sell her eggs. She starts shouting and telling about eggs in order to sell them, but couldn’t able to attract the audience. Her voice starts breaking and she gets worried as she couldn’t able to sell anything. Meanwhile, at that time she recalls the flashback of when Ayaan helped her to sell the products in her hometown.

She was trying to make people purchase her products but couldn’t able to do it. Ayaan comes to her rescue and sees her struggling. He gives her some advice about marketing. Here, Ayaan tells Faltu the first rule of selling the product is to notify the people about its quality in such a way that they will never forget about it. He explains it to Faltu and creates a song for the product.

Faltu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

He starts singing while Faltu joins him and they start getting the attention of the crowd. The people start buying their products while Faltu shows her gratitude towards Ayaan. Faltu comes out of the flashback and decides to use Ayaan’s trick. She starts telling about the benefits of eggs and how everyone consumes them. At that time a man comes there and buys all the eggs. She gets stunned and questions the old lady if she can sell it to the man. To which the lady approves and Faltu gives all the eggs to him happily.

Elsewhere, Faltu shows her gratitude towards Ayaan for always helping her. Whereas, the old lady thanks Faltu and gives her food along with shelter. The latter agrees to help her all the time and asks about Faltu’s story, to which she notify about her past life. Meanwhile, Tanisha gives her shares to Ayaan while Janardan makes him accept them. He also tells Ayaan that they all have to make sacrifices in a relationship.

Rijula confronts Ayaan and mocks Janardan for being heartless towards his son. She proclaims how can he not see what Ayaan wants and questions the latter whose face he saw when he closed his eyes. Ayaan gets stressed and declares that he doesn’t care about it. He proclaims not to hurt Janardan and states that he wants to live in reality. Rijula gets worried for him after hearing his decision.

Ahead, Charan gets elated seeing Pratap and Ratan coming back with Faltu. Lajwanti and Jamuna also show their gratitude towards God for helping Faltu. Meanwhile, Angoori lashes out at them and curses Faltu. She proclaims that soon Pappi will teach her a lesson. Meanwhile, the latter calls Pratap and then talks to Charan and notify that Ayaan left Faltu and declares that soon she will be with him. Charan gets worried and tries to contact Faltu but her phone was switched off.

Faltu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu checks her phone and gets tensed seeing it switched off. She goes to charge it but the shopkeeper denies to let her charge without money. At that time she saw the man who buyed eggs from her and confronts him while he buys her a charger and helps her with it. Meanwhile, Kanika asks Tanisha if she doesn’t feel that she rushed to name her shares to Ayaan. To which the latter denies and expresses her love for him.

Further, Tanisha says that her worry about Ayaan and Faltu was ridiculous while Kanika recalls how Ayaan was concerned for Faltu and proclaimed to remove her from his life. She calls someone and asks to record the trial match of Faltu. Whereas, Siddharth gets inside Ayaan’s room and receives a call from the same guy whom Ayaan appointed to help Faltu. Sid learns about it and decides to use it against the latter. He also deletes the history of the contacts in order to hide it from Ayaan.

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