Faltu 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Faltu getting a job packing the crackers. She learns how to do it while the woman scolds her as she is about to touch the hot machine. The latter warns Faltu to be aware of it, or else she will burn her hand. Faltu assures that she will do it properly and states that she will complete the work and won’t disappoint the lady.

The woman goes away from there after giving instructions to Faltu, while the latter starts doing the work. In her first attempt, Faltu burns her hand on the machine. She winces in pain but keeps doing it. She again burns her hand but stays determined and packs the rest of the crackers.

Faltu 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Here, Faltu gets used to packing the crackers and becomes elated, stating that it isn’t too hard for her. She smiles and keeps doing the work, while suddenly the board gets shorted out and the fire starts spreading. Faltu becomes alarmed when he hears the sound and smells the fire. She gets shocked, states that the house caught fire, and shouts for help. Faltu tries to go away from the house but falls down because she can’t see anything.

She tries to move away while the smoke starts spreading inside the house, and Faltu finds it difficult to breathe. Meanwhile, a few boys bring a man to Faltu’s house and tell him about her story. They claim she couldn’t see but excel at cricket. Elsewhere, the man, along with the boys, stands in front of Faltu’s house and knocks on the door. They get shocked upon seeing the smoke coming out of the house and start shouting for help. They break down the door and drag Faltu out. They throw water on the fire and seize it before it can spread more.

Faltu shows her gratitude towards everyone while the landlord scolds her and asks about her father and brother. Charan and Pratap arrive at the same time and are astounded to learn about the fire. They get concerned for Faltu and scold them for leaving her alone. She apologizes to everyone and assures them that it won’t happen next time.

Ahead, everyone finds out about Faltu’s blindness and decides to help her while Faltu gets emotional. Ayaan also finds out about the matter through his agent and gets stunned. Meanwhile, Siddharth instigates Tanisha against Ayaan and says that he spied on Faltu, who lives with her father and brother and doesn’t even wear vermilion.

He proclaims that there is something related to Faltu and Ayaan that the latter is trying to hide. Siddharth and Sumitra show their concern towards Tanisha, but she keeps her faith in Ayaan alive and says that even he is disturbed. Meanwhile, Tanisha calls Kanika and asks if there is any solution to Guruji’s instructions. The latter says that she is coming to Mittal’s house in order to tell him about Guruji’s new advice.

Further, Kanika says that Ayaan and Tanisha can stay together as Guruji has given them permission. Meanwhile, Faltu goes to the doctor along with Charan and Pratap, where they find out about the tumor in Faltu’s eyes, which can be removed, but the doctor says they can’t give a guarantee if the vision will come back or not. The doctor even increased the cost of the operation, which shocked Faltu and caused him to flee. She says that God will help her and forbids Charan to worry about it.

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