Faltu 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Kanika scolding Vishal for staying outside to party and asking him to go to MK hospital. Vishal says the party is on, and I can’t do this. Vishal cuts the call. Rocky hears it all. Kanika sees the door open and thinks she closed the door the how come it’s empty? Kanika goes to close the door and sleeps. Rocky waits for some time and goes. He goes down the stairs carefully but trips on a plant. Rocky hides, hearing Ayaan asking who it is.

Ayaan comes and sees the plant. Then Ayaan sees Rocky with AirPods and cooking. Ayaan removes the AirPods and asks him what he is doing at 1:45 am. Rocky said I was not sleepy, so I thought to do something productive by preparing breakfast. Ayaan says I heard a sound, and when I asked who was there then, no one answered as I had these AirPods. Does Rocky say what are you doing here? Ayaan says I am not feeling sleepy. Rocky says you are not sleepy even after playing Holi. Ayaan says something you won’t understand; I think incompletely like I have methadone answers, and my brain is drained.

Rocky says you were right. Some things were not right. Ayaan asks Rocky to sleep, and he also goes. Rocky thinks I understand what he is, but I must focus on Vishal. Rocky goes to his room and calls his friends to notify them that Vishal is in the English club and they need to go there. They both leave and wonder how they will go inside. Vishal comes out drunk.

Rocky and his friend hear Vishal tell him how she ruined his life and wants him to return to the hospital. Friend says you trapped that girl well. Vishal says that was no trap; her truth came out. They both go back to the party. Rocky and his friend decided to wait for Vishal to see which hospital he was going to. They wait and follow Vishal when he returns to the hospital.

They watch Vishal fall, and the nurse says we need to complain to Kanika as you are drunk again. Vishal passes out, so the nurses take him upstairs. Rocky asks his friend to stay here as he must return home for breakfast. Everyone will start asking for him, and he will try to come in the afternoon, so till then, he should keep an eye on Vishal. Friend agrees, and Rocky goes.

In Mittal’s house, everyone is asking for tea and coffee. Savita says Rocky is not at home. Dadi says maybe he went to get something from the market. Does Janardhan say what the use of going to call so early in the morning was? Does Ayaan say he was preparing breakfast at 2 am? Only then, where did he go? Janardhan says this is very irresponsible. Rocky comes with bags and says he thought that today instead of English breakfast, they should try some Gujarati breakfast, so he went to bring besan and some veggies.

Dadi says he was thinking about us only, and we are scolding him. Rocky goes to the kitchen while everyone waits in the hall. Rocky thinks to be careful when he goes during the afternoon as he can’t afford to get scolded twice a day. Kinshuk comes and says see what video is getting viral. Kinshuk shows them how Faltu proved her cricket skills by playing in the local tournament. Rocky worries.

Janardhan asks why you are showing us this. Dadi says yes, it’s Faltu only. Ayaan also says it doesn’t matter. Rocky says yesterday he made a detective follow me, and today he doesn’t care. Sumitra and Sid say Faltu was banned from tournaments, but she is still playing and is proving herself right against what her coach said; she is playing so well. Kanika worries and thinks Faltu is following her in the auto. Later, Ayaan goes to the room and asks the PI to ask Faltu’s coach Rajan about Faltu in detail. Janardhan shouts at Ayaan, shocking him.


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