Faltu 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Charan going outside the house and getting elated after seeing the surrounding of their new place. He states that Faltu was right about it and then come back to the house. He looks at Faltu while she was sleeping and asks her to wake up. He brings food for them and also asks Pratap to join them.

Meanwhile, Faltu along with her family eats breakfast. At that time Pratap brings a bat and a ball for Faltu and says that he asked for them from the boys who were playing cricket. He tells that they had easily given it to him when he asked for it. Faltu gets elated upon touching the bat and recalls her time while practicing with Ayaan.

Faltu 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Here, Faltu feels happy after holding the bat again and decides to resume her practice. She requests Pratap to hang the ball so that she can start her practice, while he and Charan motivate her and assures her that she will soon get her form back. They proclaim that she is a naturally blessed player and ask her just to focus on herself. They also proclaim that she doesn’t have to take any tension, while she shows her gratitude towards them.

Pratap helps Faltu and hangs the ball in front of her. He then goes out along with Charan, while she starts her practicing session. She tries to hit the ball but misses it and it hurt her eyes. She winces in pain and then gets the idea to put some bells on the ball to hear its sound to decide the movement of the ball. She takes out the bells from her bangles and ties them to the ball via her hairclip.

Elsewhere, Faltu again tries and gets successful in hitting the ball. She encourages herself that Pratap and Charan can only help her but she has to do everything for herself. She motivates herself to fight for her dream and passion and proclaims that she will do anything to play cricket. She keeps practicing while a boy sees her and gets elated.

The boy goes to his team member Sunil and notifies him about Faltu. He says that there is a new girl in their town and proclaims that she plays cricket very well. He assures them that he has seen her via his eyes and keeps praising Sai. They go to her house to take her for their team, as they are lacking a member to participate in the tournament.

Further, the boys go to Faltu’s house while she gets confused. They tell her about their offer and request her to play with them she remembers her blindness and says that she can’t do it. They tell them that they will even get money if they win the match and proclaims that Faltu can use it anyhow she wants.

Faltu locks the door denying them but then thinks about a way to earn money for her operation. At that time Charan and Pratap also come there and find out about the matter. Faltu tells that she can’t perform due to her problem, but Pratap can play with them. She encourages him and then goes to watch his match, while Charan goes to meet the landlord. Whereas, Ayaan and Tanisha meet some people from the cricket organization. They request Ayaan to come to watch the match, but Janardan comes there and denies it.

Further, Janardan tells that Ayaan will spend his time with Tanisha and decides to send Sid to the match. But, Tanisha notices Ayaan’s sadness and says that she wants to go along with Ayaan. He asks her to get ready while she tells him to go alone. She states that she lied to Janardan to send Ayaan to watch the match.

Meanwhile, he gets into thinking that how he will spend his life with Tanisha as they both are different. Whereas, Faltu and Pratap come to the ground and get shocked to hear about Ayaan being there. The latter tries to hide from him while Ayaan sees Pratap and starts looking for Faltu’s presence.

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