Faltu 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Tanisha asking Faltu why they would make a fire stove, and Faltu says that it was Sid who asked her to do it. Tanisha asks Sid why he would ask Faltu to make food when she ordered food from outside. She warns them not to do anything and leaves angrily.

Sid comes to Tanisha and says that he did all that not for Faltu but for her. He says that he wanted her to win everyone’s hearts by serving the food made by Faltu in her name. Tanisha says that she doesn’t want to take Faltu’s credit, as she is already loved by all. She leaves angry and upset with him. Sid feels bad as Tanisha does not understand his intentions to help her.

Faltu 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Tanisha becomes agitated because the food she ordered had not yet arrived. She called the manager, who explained that such a large order at the last minute takes time but promises to send it within the next half hour. They get a call from Janardhan saying that they are on their way and will arrive in the next 10 minutes. Everyone gets worried, and Tanisha suggests doing a traditional welcome for the guests to buy some time. Faltu is irked that she would’ve made the breakfast by now if Tanisha didn’t pour water on her stove.

The guests arrive, and Tanisha gives them a traditional welcome. They are impressed. Janardhan welcomes them in and asks Savita not to let Faltu come out of the home. Savita is scared as the delivery person is getting late and they are serving mocktails to the guests. The guests say that they get it at all hotels and want only traditional Marwari food from them. Janardhan goes to the kitchen and asks for the traditional food. Savita reveals that the gas line is cut off and they can’t cook food. She also claims that Tanisha’s food order is taking too long to arrive.

Janardhan lashes out at them for not informing him prior, as he could have taken them to a hotel or made any other plans. He’s upset that they would face shame in front of the guests and leave. When a servant serves the traditional Sarbath to guests, he is about to inform them about the mishap. It makes the guests feel refreshed, and everyone believes that the ordered food has arrived.

Dadi becomes suspicious and goes inside to find Faltu cooking food alone on a fire stove. She gets impressed and asks about it. Faltu assures her that she will get everything ready and asks her to leave. Soon, the food arrived at the table, and the guests were fully satisfied with the food. They leave thanking Janardhan for the tasty food.

Once they leave, Janardhan showers praise on Tanisha for saving their faces when the ordered food arrives. Everyone is shocked and wonders who cooked it. Dadi reveals that it’s Faltu and calls her She thanks Faltu and asks her to have her food too. None said a word and left.

Sid is happy that his plan worked. Tanisha fumes as she tries to persuade Mother that Faltu is gradually taking place in everyone’s heart. Her mother asks her not to worry, as her next plan has already reached Mumbai. Faltu prays to God and is about to apply sindoor, but Tanisha pushes it away. She confronts her about it when Ayaan comes there. Tanisha lies and claims it’s her sindoor abs, mocking Faltu indirectly.


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