Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Kanika making Janardhan understand how Tanisha must have thought of something before bringing Faltu. Janardhan says he fears this girl will bring more trouble for Ayaan and Tanisha. Kanika says no one can come between them. Suddenly Faltu comes and says, “I’m sorry, I thought this room was empty.” Janardhan calls Manohar and asks him why he is not cleaning.

Kanika asks Manohar to take Faltu away. They go. Faltu apologises to Manohar. Faltu comes to her room and thinks, “How do I ask for food?” but she is hungry. When Sumitra arrives and says, “You should have a proper dinner at night, not just biscuits,” she begins eating biscuits. Sid wonders how Ayaan can let you go to bed hungry when he cares so much.

Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sid offers friendship to Faltu. Faltu says an owner and servant can’t be friends, but thanks for caring. Sid and Sumitra leave. Sumitra discusses how soon the drama will start in the house. I am so happy. Sid emphasizes the importance of Ayaan and Janardhan opposing Faltu.

The next day, Faltu is playing cricket when Ayaan comes to the balcony and sees her. Ayaan first observes her as she executes all shots flawlessly. Faltu then, by mistake, breaks something when Ayaan comes down and scolds her. The entire family arrives and accuses Faltu of causing all of the problems. During breakfast, Faltu comes to the dining room when Ayaan says this is for family members only, so Manohar will show you your place.

Faltu feels bad and goes. Tanisha and Sumitra say Faltu must have felt bad because we shouldn’t have done this. Savita and Janardhan say what’s wrong: she is a servant. Faltu feels bad and eats in her room, sitting on the floor. Sid comes to her and says, “Good to see you are eating; otherwise, I thought you would not eat only based on Ayaan’s behavior.”

Faltu says I am a servant, so I deserve this. Faltu says you should also go, or else if Ayaan sees us together, he might be upset. Sid goes. Faltu thinks my whole plan is Ayaan hating me, so I need to do this for Tanisha and Ayaan. Later, Faltu is moping on the floor when Dadi is about to go get a charger and then feels a pain in his chest. Faltu makes her sit down and calls everyone.

Everyone panics for Dadi and calls the doctor. Faltu goes to make a home remedy for Dadi. She brings it, but Ayaan doesn’t let her make Dadi take it. Faltu says, “Just trust me.” They see Dadi suffer, so they make her drink, and then slowly Dadi feels better. Everyone gets a bit relieved.


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