Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Rama suggesting breaking the door. Shoba requested Arti to open the door one last time. They were about to break it when Arti opened the door. She went down. Arti asked everyone for some advice. Jijabai questioned; she praised Arti for asking everyone for advice rather than only Bhim Rao. Meera asked Arti to speak.

She showed everyone the medicine that would kill the unborn child, she told everyone how she was genuinely in love which was used against her. She showed everyone the money that was sufficient enough for Arti, Shoba, and Deepak altogether to live a life. She can only have the money if she consumes the medicine, what should she choose?

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Hitesh has seen a lot in his life, speaking through experience he asked Arti to take the money to choose a healthy life for the people here. Rama refused, motherhood can not be solved, and Arti should take the decision herself. Bhim Ro supported Rama. Shoba wanted to show Arti the reality, she was the reason for Deepak’s condition and everyone humiliating them.

Shoba asked Arti to kill the baby at first. Joku agreed, and Phuliya stopped Joku, they have no child of their own to ask someone to kill theirs. Ramji asked everyone to let Arti decide for herself. According to Jijabai Arti can go out of Bombay and marry someone there. Ramji wanted everyone to find an answer to Arti’s question.

Joshi told David that 50 percent of the people are ready to be bought with money, and Arti is one of them. The only problem is Bhim Rao. The employer told that Bhim Rao has a firm belief in his values, and he will try everything in his power to stop them until Arti takes a decision. David asked everyone to have a keen eye on Arti. He asked everyone to leave while he finishes his work.

Shoba asked Arti to take the medicine. Jijabai brought her water. Arti was ravaged. Shoba asked who was willing to fight David, ruin their family, put their life at risk and protect Arti at all costs against David to stay here, the rest must leave. Joku asked Phuliya if she would stay around 24 hours to protect Arti. Phuliya refused and one by one everyone else did except Ramji and his family.

Even Jijabai left. Ramji came forward because he wanted to protect Arti, but his experience taught him that no one can protect anyone for 24 hours. Ramji apologized and left; Meera followed him. Bhim Rao wanted Arti to decide because no one can fight for her under such conditions. As a woman, Rama knew that whatever decision Arti will take would be right. Rama and Bhim Rao left. Anand asked Arti to decide wisely. He and Lakshmi left as well.

Shoba took the glass of water and asked Arti to take the medicine to end this case once and for all. For Rama, Arti’s situation is every woman’s greatest fear. Shoba ordered Arti to take the medicine. Arti took the glass with shivering hands but threw it away. She broke the medicine refusing to kill the child. Everyone gathered around, she told everyone about it. Arti wanted to give birth to her child whether anyone protects her or not.

Shoba questioned. David did exactly what Shoba did, Shoba is no different than David. Arti left. Shoba was going after her. Bhim Rao stopped her, and said that Arti took this decision on her own, he will not bear with anyone trying to fixate on her. Shoba asked them to step aside. Deepak spoke in favor of Bhim Rao; Arti must be allowed to fight her battles on her own. Shoba burst into tears because everything will get ruined.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

David ordered some workers to work on his farm. Arti came, and she brought a box of sweets for all the workers. The workers questioned what the sweet was for. Arti told that she was about to be the mother of David’s child. David burst into anger and asked everyone to leave. He threatened Arti, she can not break him.

Arti will distribute sweets in the entire city with the news of her giving birth to David’s child. She might not go to London but will have her fair share in Bombay. David recalled Joshi’s opinion about Bhim Rao teaching everyone how to fly. Arti corrected him, for her Bhim Rao makes one stronger and more stable on the ground. David may lose his promotion for this; he blamed Bhim Rao for it.

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