Durga Aur Charu 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Durga Aur Charu 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Baanke telling Bholi that he will tell the truth to Binoy and Charu will get her sister and family and the latter will end up in jail. On the other hand, Binoy tells Durga to apologize to Chumki. Durga apologizes to Chumki. Chumki tells her that she just wants love and that sisters should not apologize to each other. Binoy asks them to stay together and moves from there.

Meanwhile, Bholi attacks Baanke saying that she won’t end up in jail. She realizes that she killed him and says that everything is over. Chumki falls down and lies that Durga pushed her. Durga tells Binoy that she did not push Chumki. Binoy refuses to believe her and asks her to accept Chumki as her sister. He tells Sampurna to make Durga understand. Polash asks Sumona to stay alert around Chumki because she is a drama queen. Charu comes there and asks Durga to help her.

Bholi says that she is free now and gets happy. She notices that Baanke is missing. Sheru comes there with his man. She tells him that Baanke escaped but she can’t leave her dream. She kills Sheru’s man. Sheru asks her if she became mad. She asks him to damage his man’s face. She tells him that she will give money to him. She asks him to tell police that his man’s body is Baanke’s body and he witnessed the murder.

Sampurna and Durga get worried seeing Charu’s condition. They give water to Charu. Bholi comes there and she beat Charu up. Sampurna asks her why the latter is beating Charu. Bholi asks Charu why the latter can’t see Chumki’s happiness. She claims that Charu killed Baanke. Charu gets shocked hearing her. Durga says that everything is a lie and Charu can’t kill anyone. Police come there and tell Binoy that they have an arrest warrant against Charu so they have to take Charu with them.

Sumona asks Sampurna to not involve in others family matters and says mother won’t accuse her daughter unnecessarily. Durga says that Charu is innocent. The police drag Charu from there. Sampurna tries to stop them but Binoy stops her saying that let the Police do their job. Sumona holds Durga. Charu asks Durga to not worry about her. She tells her to study well and become a courageous girl. Police take Charu from there ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ). Bholi smriks seeing that.

Sampurna hugs Durga to console her. Bholi says where she will go now. She asks Chumki to take care of herself and moves from there. Chumki stops her and asks her to stay with her. Bholi murmurs to her that Baanke is alive still. Chumki tells her that Durga did not accept her yet so Bholi should stay in the palace. Bholi says that how can she live there. Sampurna gives permission to Bholi to stay in the palace. Bholi hugs Chumki.

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