Durga Aur Charu 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Durga Aur Charu 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Charu asking Baanke what he is talking about which truth? Sheru comes there. Charu recalls how she escaped from Sheru. Baanke tells Sheru that he is not afraid of him and asks him to return. Sheru tries to hold Charu so Baanke stops the former.

Sheru beat Baanke up. Charu beat Sheru up to save her father. Sheru loses consciousness. Charu tells Baanke that she won’t let anything happen to him. She calls the landline number of the palace but no response from another side. She tells Baanke that she will go to the palace to seek help and moves towards the door. But Sheru holds her.

On the other hand, Binoy says that Chumki is Devi. Durga says that Charu is Devi. Binoy and Sampurna accept Chumki as Devi. Binoy says that Devi returned to her family finally. Sampurna tells Durga that the latter should be happy because Devi returned. Durga shook her head and says that Chumki is not Devi. Bholi asks Chumki to not forget her and she hugs her.

She murmurs to her that she made her princess so the latter should make her queen. Binoy distributes sweets to everyone. He performs dhunuchi naach in happiness. Sampurna joins him. Sheru tells Charu that it won’t be easy to escape from him. Baanke strangles Sheru. Meanwhile, Bholi asks Chumki to not cry and moves towards the door.

Chumki stops Bholi and tells her that it’s her house too. Bholi tells her that she has to go to Baanke and Charu. Binoy asks her to not worry about Baanke because he will be released today. Bholi gets shocked hearing him. Sampurna tells her that they are indebted to her. Bholi tells Chumki to stay with her family and leaves there.

Sheru goes to bring his men. Charu leaves for the palace. Baanke tells Charu that Durga is her sister but Charu did not hear him. Sampurna tells Durga and Chumki that it’s their first Durga puja together. Chumki hurts Durga deliberately and pretends as she did it by mistake. She takes everything which Sampurna gives to Durga.

Durga feels bad. Chumki asks Durga that if the latter is not happy that she is her sister. Durga runs from there without saying anything. Chumki says that it looks like Durga is not happy so she will leave. Binoy tells her that he won’t let her leave and Durga has to accept her as a sister. He tells Durga to come downstairs and apologize to Chumki. He orders Sampurna to bring Durga downstairs.

Bholi reaches the orphanage and finds Baanke unconscious. She asks him to wake up. Baanke warns her to stay away from him. He asks her why she took Chumki to the palace. She tells him that she made Chumki as Devi. He slaps her and reveals that he stopped Sheru from taking Charu to Delhi. She asks him where is Charu. He tells her that Charu went to the palace and he will tell the truth to Binoy.

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