Durga Aur Charu 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Durga Aur Charu 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Bholi and Chumki breaking into the house and searching for Baanke. Charu and Durga push them. Charu tells Chumki that she knows the latter pretends to like going against Bholi. She says that she shifted Baanke to another place already. She recalls how she and Durga saw Bholi telling Chumki to find out Baanke’s location.

Bholi twists Charu’s hand and asks her to say where Baanke is. Durga bites Bholi’s hand and warns her not to touch Charu. Charu tells Bholi that the latter won’t be able to find Baanke. Bholi tells her that Baanke is not with them, which is why they have not exposed her yet. She says that she will reveal Chaturbhuj’s truth to Binoy.

Durga Aur Charu 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update
Durga Aur Charu 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Durga Aur Charu 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Charu tells her that she will end up in jail. Bholi tells her that she is the queen of this game and she will end it. She reaches the palace and learns that everyone went to the temple. Charu and Durga bring Baanke there. Bholi is shocked upon seeing Baanke and realizes that Charu did not lie. She apologises to Baanke. She tells him that she did that in anger. She admits her wrongdoing. Charu inquires as to why the latter did so.

Bholi tells Baanke to remember their love. Baanke asks her to stop it, and who is she? He says that he doesn’t remember anything, not even his name. He talks about his accident and his memory loss. Bholi laughs. She asks Charu and Durga who will make a statement against her because Baanke doesn’t remember anything. Charu tells Bholi that the latter should not have confessed. She calls the orphanage manager and says that he heard everything. Bholi gets shocked upon seeing the orphanage manager. Durga says that the court will punish Bholi.

The orphanage manager asks Baanke to accompany them to the police station. Bholi asks Chumki to bring someone for help. Baanke asks her about Chumki. Bholi tells him that Chumki supported her in all her wrong deeds. Chumki says that Bholi is lying and that she will give a statement against Bholi. Durga says that Chumki is a kid, so Bholi is responsible for everything.

Charu asks her not to trust Chumki. But Durga defends Chumki. She tells Charu that they should give her one more chance to Chumki. Bholi tries to flee, but the girls apprehend her. The orphanage manager takes Bholi and Chumki from there. Baanke follows them. Durga also joins them to support Chumki.

Durga Aur Charu 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bholi believes she would not have confessed her wrongdoing if she had known Baanke had lost his memory at the time. And she needs to find a way out. She scolds Chumki and beats her up. Durga tries to stop her. To the latter, Bholi Durga loses consciousness. Baanke takes Durga from there.

Bholi apologizes to the orphanage manager for assisting her one last time. In the bazaar, Chaturbhuj hugs Sampurna. He takes them to the palace. Bholi removes Charu’s fake wig and apologizes to Binoy for hiding the truth from him.


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