Durga Aur Charu 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Durga Aur Charu 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with everyone gathering to eat food. Binoy asks Sampurna about Chumki. Sampurna tells him that she sent Chumki’s food to her room. Bholi takes so much food to eat. Chaturbhuj stops her and says that Bholi decided to keep fasting until Chumki is fine. Polash tells Bholi that she is a mahaan.

Sumona glares at him. Bholi thinks that she will faint without food. Binoy asks Polash if the latter can do his job. Polash tells him that he is busy. Binoy tells Sampurna that he is planning to donate gold coins to the poor in Chumki’s name. Polash says that he will do the work.

Durga Aur Charu 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Bholi says that she knows a good jeweler. Sumona tells her that the latter must have worked in the cleaning department, and they will suspect her of seeing so much money. Bholi tells her that the latter is right. She says that she forgot her standard and cries. Polash scolds Sumona for hurting Bholi. Binoy apologizes to Bholi on behalf of Sumona. He gives the gold coin responsibility to Bholi. Durga tells Charu that they have to make sure Bholi does not take advantage.

Bholi arranges duplicate gold coins, which she plans to donate to the poor. Polash tells her that they need to share everything. Sumona comes there and finds them holding each other’s hands. She leaves angrily, so Polash follows her. Durga and Charu see everything and understand that Bholi and Polash are partners now. Durga tells Charu that they have to save the original gold coins because they belong to the poor.

Polash tells Sumona that she misunderstood everything. Sumona informs him that he returned as “zero” in Chumki’s kidnapping and that he has now made Bholi a heroine by entrusting gold coins to her. He tells her that he did not want Binoy to think he was greedy, which is why he did that. She tells him that she doesn’t believe him and that he has changed nowadays due to Bholi. She says that she will keep an eye on him and leaves from there.

Durga searches for the original gold coins in Bholi’s room. Chaturbhuj stops Bholi from entering her room. He tells her that he told his father about her, so he decided to give half of his properties to her. Bholi refuses to believe him. Durga finds duplicate gold coins as well as original gold coins. Bholi pushes Chaturbhuj away and enters her room. She notices that the cupboard is open.

She takes the duplicate gold coins and thinks that it looks like someone entered her room. Charu wonders where Durga is. Sampurna arrives and takes gold coins from Bholi before departing. Charu thinks that Durga did not change the gold coins yet. Later, Chumki gets scared seeing so many people, and she runs to her room. Sampurna asks Durga to donate gold coins to the poor. But Durga refuses to donate, which shocks everyone.

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