Durga Aur Charu 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Durga Aur Charu 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Abhirup telling Binoy that Anirban must be on the way. He asks his brother Vishwa to see where Anirban is. Anirban comes there. Dadi tells Sampurna that Charu should not have talked to them like that. Sampurna tells her that Charu cares about Durga, so Charu reacts like that without thinking about anything else. She requests her to forgive Charu.

Latika scolds Anirban for coming. Anirban tells her that he can’t damage Abhirup’s image. She asks him to forget Charu and marry Durga and leaves there. He describes himself as confessing his love to Charu and goes upstairs. Chumki overhears their conversation.

Sampurna informs Charu about Anirban’s arrival. She asks her to bring ashirwad plate. Anirban searches for Charu. Chumki helps him indirectly. She tells Durga that Anirban has arrived. She informs her that Anirban is waiting for her now. She thinks that she wants Durga to catch Charu and Anirban red-handed.

Anirban goes to Charu. He tells her that he loves her. Charu tells him that that’s wrong. He asks her not to stop herself for Durga and feel her love. He says that he even tried to tell the truth to Durga yesterday but failed. And today, he will say the fact to Durga for sure. He says,” I love you” to Charu. She slaps him and warns him not to say that again. Dadi reminds Latika that the latter is a widow, so she should avoid encouraging things.

Charu scolds Anirban for proposing to her. She says that she thought he joked that day. Anirban tells her that his love for her is not a joke. He says he loves Charu and is ready to tell everyone the truth. He tells him that she thinks he is her friend. And she won’t let wrong happen to Durga, so she will tell Durga that Anirban never loved Durga. She decides to stop the marriage.

Durga comes there. Raj Shri takes Anirban for ashirwad ceremony. Charu tries to tell the truth to Durga, but Durga refuses to listen to her and goes inside. Durga prays to God by lighting diyas. Ashirwad ceremony begins. Charu feels a burning in her hand, and she runs to Durga. Durga tells Charu that she loves Anirban so much. Charu asks Durga why the latter is hurting herself for Anirban.

Durga tells her that she did not feel pain. Charu hugs her and thinks that she can’t stop this marriage. And Anirban should love Durga. Sampurna overhears their conversation. Dadi says that it’s time to perform the ritual for Durga. Charu brings Durga there. Meanwhile, Chumki breaks things in anger. She says that she is in this condition due to Durga and Charu. Latika comes there.


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