Dhruv Tara 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Dhruv Tara 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Dhruv making preparations for Jay and Ayesha’s anniversary celebration. Ayesha asks Dhruv if she can help him. He says he will manage. Jay hugs Ayesha and wishes her a happy anniversary. Dhruv compliments them both, and Jay says Dhruv snatched his patient by changing his prescribed medicine. Dhruv says he doesn’t have the intention of hurting him.

Jay says, but every time he suffers because of him. Dhruv used to get 99%; that’s why nobody appreciated him even after getting 94%. He got secondhand clothes because of Dhruv. He didn’t get special treatment because of him. Jay thanks Ayesha for choosing him over Dhruv; otherwise, he would have died.

Dhruv Tara 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Dhruv Tara 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Jay believes he is Ayesha’s first choice. There, Dhruv’s grandparents tell Tara to enter their house carefully without anyone’s knowledge. Their family won’t allow her to stay there otherwise. Tara recalls how she used to enter the palace secretly in the same way. Dhruv’s grandparents go to distract the family members. Ayesha burns the dress with the iron Jay brought for her. Dhruv asks her why she did that. She says, “Why doesn’t he feel bad after hearing all the accusations from Jay? She always feels bad for Dhruv.

Jay always cries about his bad luck instead of working hard. He asks her why she married Jay if she doesn’t love him. Ayesha says so that she can be in touch with Dhruv. She says he also gets busy at work and hides his pain from his family, but she knows it. She says she is unhappy even though she is married to Jay. She will make sure Dhruv remains unmarried as well.

She won’t let anyone enter his life. Dhruv says she is married; why can’t she focus on her married life? She says she will fulfill all her responsibilities towards her in-laws and Jay, but she will not be happy in the end. Just like that, she won’t let Dhruv love anyone else.

Tara enters the Saxena house and falls down. Some rice spreads everywhere, and Dhruv’s grandparents try to divert everyone’s mind from Tara. She hides, and Chaiji notices the rice on the floor. They go out to clean the mess, and later, Ayesha tells everyone that her dress got burned. Jay asks her to wear something else. She and Jay cut the cake and fed their family.

Everyone dances to different songs, and Tara notices them from the second floor. Ayesha looks at Dhruv while dancing with Jay. Ayesha offers khichdi to Dhruv’s grandparents. Sushila talks about finding a bride for Dhruv, and Ayesha gets irked. Dhruv’s grandmother takes some food for Tara secretly and goes to her. She explains where the room and the washroom are. Tara enters the washroom and gets confused about how to operate the shower and basinet. Dhruv keeps his hand on grandma’s shoulder, and the latter gets shocked.


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