Dhruv Tara 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Dhruv Tara 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Dhruv’s sisters trying to groom him by making his eyebrows. They tease him, seeing his denial. His bhabhi tries to get close to him by complimenting him, saying he will look good as Krishna. Dhruv feels a bit uneasy. She says he gives less attention to his loved ones. There, Tara is surprised to see a table fan. She thinks how amazing it is that it’s giving them relief with its cool breeze.

She tries to put her finger inside the fan, but one lady stops her. Tara learns it’s a fan, and she says her caretakers used to put in a lot of effort to give her relief from the heat. But here, everything has become so easy. She doesn’t understand the English words told to her by the ladies.

Dhruv Tara 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Dhruv Tara 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

They wonder why she is acting like a princess. She hides her truth from them out of fear that they might consider her a madwoman again. They assume she acted like a princess in a drama. They say that she indeed looks like a princess, and this role suits her.

Tara then gets to know that one famous neurosurgeon is attending the Krishna Leela because he saved a famous politician. She becomes hopeful, thinking the doctor might save her brother. She starts dancing during the Krishna Leela with Dhruv, who has become Krishna. Everyone enjoys their performance and claps for them.

Tara then goes to search for Doctor Dhruv and bumps into one lady who praises her performance. She then hurriedly leaves to find Dhruv and is about to fall, but he holds her hand. They come face to face and get shocked to see each other again. He asks her why she ran away from the asylum.

She warns him not to call her mad again. It is her insult. She throws clothes at his face and runs away. Dhruv’s bhabhi wonders if Dhruv knows Tara else and why he is going after her. Tara believes she is searching for the surgeon and then wonders how she met that odd man. She then gets hurt on her head and falls unconscious. Dhruv holds her in his arms, and there, Samrat tells King Udaybhan that Tara is nowhere to be found, so now the only option is to ask Saraswati, as Tara met her before leaving. Udaybhan says he didn’t talk to her for long.

Samrat asks him to talk to Saraswati, her husband so that he can learn where Tara is right now. Saraswati might reveal the truth. Udaybhan agrees, and there, Dhruv takes care of Tara, and she murmurs that her brother will be alright soon. Dhruv empathizes with her and calls into the asylum to ask why Tara left there. They reply that she is not mad. He misunderstood her. He goes to Tara and thinks about it from where she is. Another doctor comes and treats Tara’s wound. She asks if he knows Tara.

He says nothing like that. He requests the doctor not to take money from Tara. Tara gains consciousness, and she is delighted to see that a lady can also become a doctor in the 21st century. She asks the lady doctor about Doctor Dhruv, and the latter sends her to him. She goes in a hurry to meet Dhruv. He is talking to someone over the phone, and she gets shocked, thinking he is the surgeon only. He thanks Krishna for sending help to her immediately after landing in this century.


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