Dheere Dheere Se 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Raghav stopping the goons from hitting Bhawana and fighting with them. Bhawana looks worried. Raghav beats the goons black and blue. He then makes the goons apologize to Bhawana, and they both leave.

Raghav then claps for Bhawana, and the latter thanks him, saying she knows if he had thought then he would have taught them a lesson, but he wanted to show her her strength, and she thanks him for that. Raghav makes a joke with Bhawana about how she always used to misunderstand his intentions.

Dheere Dheere Se 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dheere Dheere Se 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhawana smiles. Raghav asks her what she is doing here. Bhawana says she wants to go to the lawyer’s office. Raghav says he would have dropped her off if his car was not having any problems. He then stops an autorickshaw and helps Bhawana board the auto. Bhawana senses uneasiness but ends up agreeing to go in that auto.

Raghav prays to God for Bhawana and hopes that one-day Bhawana will stand up for herself on her own without anyone’s help, even from him and Bhanu. He then wonders about the reason behind his care for Bhawana. Goons attack Raghav from behind. Raghav fights with them and catches them, then demands who sent them to attack him.

One of the goons sprays something inside Raghav’s eyes, which leads him to loosen his hold on the goons. Raghav tries to fight with them, but the goons attack him and leave him severely injured. Bhawana is perplexed as to the source of her uneasiness. Bhanu says to himself that he is the Kalnayak of this story after seeing a severely injured Raghav.

Bhawana receives a call from Malini, who orders her to leave her work and bring Meera’s lehenga from the shop immediately. Bhawana tries to explain that she has some work, but Malini shouts at her and shuts her up.

Vidya informs Amit about the expensive lehenga Bhanu is buying for Meera. Amit defends Bhanu by saying he loves all family members equally. Vidya taunts him and provokes him against Bhanu. On the other side, Bhawana is returning home with Meera’s lehenga. She finds her bangle missing, so she asks the driver to go back to where he picked her up.

The driver obliges. Bhawana is shocked to see a severely injured Raghav. She cries and begs him to wake up. She then, with the help of the auto driver, takes Raghav with her. In the house, Amit gets angry, recalling Vidya’s provocative words. Bhanu enters the house with Amit’s favorite sweet in his hand. Amit expresses his disappointment, but Bhanu informs him about Raghav’s attack, and the latter is severely injured. No one is there to help him.

Amit gets happy. Bhawana brings Raghav to the hospital. The nurse stops Bhawana from entering the treatment room. She sobs as she sees the doctor treating Raghav, blaming herself for leaving him alone despite sensing his discomfort. She also wonders who is behind Raghav’s attack and recalls a similar situation she was in six months ago when Deepak was admitted to the hospital. She gets determined to save Raghav at any cost.

Bhawana asks the doctor about Raghav’s condition, and the latter informs him that Raghav is in critical condition, so they can’t tell her anything now. On the other side, Meera brings an interior designer to make changes to her room in Shastri’s house. She gets happy with the designer Priya’s ideas.

She then tells Abhishek that she is doing all this because she wants her room to be perfect. Abhishek has approved the changes. Meera then asks Abhishek about her lehenga. Abhishek tells her she will get it. He then brings her closer to him and asks where she wants to go on her honeymoon, suggesting two places. Meera says wherever they go, she wants her to stay in a five-star hotel.

Dheere Dheere Se 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhishek gets shocked but forces a smile. In the hospital, Bhawana sees Brij Mohan calling Raghav. She answers and disconnects the call. Brij Mohan gets confused. Bhawana sends a message through Raghav’s phone about his accident. Brij Mohan gets shocked. The nurse asks Bhawana to pay the bills.

Bhawana decides to use Raghav’s money for his treatment as she doesn’t have any and also feels guilty for doing it. She then pays the bills, and when the nurse asks her to sign the forms, she complies. The Srivastav family arrives at the hospital worriedly. Bhawana signs the papers and prays to God to save Raghav at any cost.


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