Dheere Dheere Se 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vikas telling Malini that he doesn’t want to take Poonam with him so someone loots their house. He won’t take that risk. He also says that he has been living here for twelve years and the case is in court. He is here now because the hearing of this case is near which Verma informed him.

He further mocks Bhanu and Jagjivan that they can never defeat him as he has support from the Srivastava. Jagjivan tells Brij Mohan never to leave an opportunity tot to trouble them. Vikas continous his taunts so Bhawana interrupts and reminds him that no one can raise a voice against Jagjivan and Bhanu which surprises and makes everyone happy.

Jagjivan scolds Vikas for taking advantage of their kindness for the help his father did to them but in return, he is troubling them. Vikas defends himself. Poonam takes Vikas upstairs saying not to waste his energy here. She then asks Vikas to let both Shastri and Srivastava fight with one another so they can enjoy their stay here because outside the rent rate is too high. Bhawana prays to God to send them a lawyer who can fight for them in this case from their heart. Just then Raghav comes out of his house with his mobile in his hand.

The next day Aanchal gets ready for school and searches for the school trip form and decides to take it before Bhawana sees it. Bhawana arrives there and shows her that form and asks her why she is hiding this from her. Aanchal says that she is already stressed out about the cheque so she doesn’t want to pressurize her more.

Bhawana tells her it’s not her age to worry about all this and assures her that she will go on to trip for sure and asks when she has to submit the form. Aanchal tells her the time and then asks her when she will break her fast. Bhawana says once her prayer requests get fulfilled then asks her to leave for school. Aachal leaves.

Bhawana prays to God to make everything right. She then receives a call from the officer who asks her to visit the station to find who is the one who fooled her as they have arrested a few of the fraudsters. Bhawana gets worried when the officer asks her to visit them soon so that she can get back her money too. She wonders how to go out as she can’t tell the family members about visiting the police station.

Just then Vidya arrives there and asks her if is she going to the bank. Bhawana hesitates to reply but Vidya asks her to do the household work and go to the bank. She further asks her to convince the bank staff to give the insurance money soon so that they don’t have to endure Bhanu’s acts.

Bhanu rings the bell and Bhawana rushes to him. She serves him food and everything. Bhanu gives her a note appreciating her for raising her voice against Vikas but asks her to never try to do this with the family members. Bhawana assures her she will never do such things against the family.

Other side Swati goes to Raghav’s room who is busy working out. She praises him for getting women’s attention. Raghav asks her not to joke but Swati tells him she is saying the truth only and takes Bhawana’s name to say something Raghav shouts at her saying that he doesn’t like such jokes and warns her not to repeat it then leaves. Swati gets furious and decides to do something to throw Raghav out of the house.

Bhanu receives a call from Manohar. He recalls his vow so he calls Vidya to speak to him. Manohar enquires about Bhanu’s whereabouts. Vidya tells him that Bhanu kept mounavirath. Bhanu stops Vidya from saying the truth and signs her to lie. Bhawana decodes Bhanu’s acts and tells Vidya to say Manohar he kept the mounavirath for Abhishek and Meera’s marriage.

Manohar praises Bhanu and then says that he is planning to fix Abhishek and Meera’s engagement so that when they can meet. Bhanu signs in two days which Vidya informs Manohar and Manohar agrees and then disconnects the call. Bhanu and Malini get happy. Bhanu then writes a note to Bhawana asking her to go and buy the things they need to prepare the welcome Manohar and family.

Bhawana gets happy thinking that she can use this opportunity to go to the police station. She hurries out of the house but Malini stops and gives her the money she needs to buy things. Later Bhawana goes to the police station but gets upset about not finding the guy who fooled her. She then requests the officer to hurry the process as she is in huge trouble. The police officer assures her to try to find her as soon as possible.

Bhawana receives Aanchal’s message from her teacher’s mobile asking her to hurry up. Bhawana decides to keep the things in a store to go to school. Another side Savita asks Raghav to bring Aarav from school. Raghav agrees to do it. Here Bhawana inquires Aanchal about Aarushi and whether she submitted the form or not. Aanchal tells her Aarushi submitted it a few days back so asks not to worry. Bhawana feels dizzy and then falls unconscious. Aanchal gets shocked and shouts mumma.

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