Dheere Dheere Se 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Aanchal getting upset seeing something and hiding it under her pillow. Bhawana arrives there and says that she has noticed it she is biting her nails and inquires what she is worried about. Aanchal says nothing and then questions her why she didn’t return home after the bank staff informed her about the insurance money may take another few days to get.

Bhawana changes the topic and asks her to sleep as she has school the next day. Aanchal insists that she will do a massage for her but Bhawana refuses and asks her to go back to sleep. Aanchal obliges. Bhawana is about to lie beside Aanchal but notices a paper under the pillow which she takes and realizes it’s Aanchal’s school trip form.

Dheere Dheere Se 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

She recalls Aanchal’s words and wakes up from the bed and tells Aanchal she has some important work to do after she finishes it she will return and then leaves the place. Other side Raghav is in his bed recalls Bhawana’s behavior and gets sad. Brij Mohan arrives there and notifies Raghav not to shake his leg while sleeping which is an inauspicious thing. Raghav apologizes to him. Brij Mohan then informs him about that he is going to sleep in his room and lays beside him.

Raghav gets happy. They both talk about those times Brij Mohan slept beside Raghav’s side whenever the latter is nervous. Raghav then hugs his father and they both fall asleep. Bhawana is with Coffee in front of God’s photos. She asks God why she has to go through all these struggles that too on an everyday basis. What she has done because of which God is punishing her though.

She then adds that Aanchal already lost her father and now she is going through all this at this young age and pleads with God to end their sufferings and help her get the insurance money after that she may get Bhanu’s approval to send Aanchal to the school trip. She then decides to do a hard attornment of not eating anything until she gets the insurance money back.

The next day Bhanu meets a few of his acquaintances at a nearby tea shop. Just then Afsan arrives there with Bhanu’s tempo. The men who are there with Bhanu inquire Afsan about the price and performance of the vehicle. Afsan gives them that information which angers Bhanu. Bhanu threatens Afsan but the latter reminds him about the loan and asks him to return it then he can take his tempo back. Bhanu shouts at Afsan and then tells him not to provoke him to get angry which makes Afsan and the other men’s to laugh at him.

One man mocks Bhanu by pointing at his short temper nature. Bhanu vows in front of everyone to not even speak a word until he returns the loan amount and gets back his vehicle. Another side Bakshi comes to meet Srivastava. Brij Mohan scolds his friend for only visiting them when he has legal matters to handle. Baksi says it’s not like that then shares his worry about this case. Brij Mohan assures him. He then asks Gaurav to study the case and the latter obliges. Raghav arrives there and greets Bakshi.

Bakshi expresses his happiness of meeting him and also praises his that one particular case which he won and the entire Indore is talking about it to date. He then asks Brij Mohan to allow Raghav to take this case. Both Brij Mohan and Gaurav agree with it but Raghav refuses but gives in after noticing Brij Mohan isn’t happy with his decision. Brij Mohan proudly says to Bakshi that Raghav never goes against his words.

Swati gets upset with Raghav for trying to take Gaurav’s place. Raghav thinks that he earned his family’s love and trust which he has to make sure not to lose it at any cost. In Shastri’s house, Malini questions Bhawana about her decision for fasting and asks her what occasion it is. Bhawana says nothing as she feels like keeping it. Malini leaves. Bhawana prepares prasad for God.

She recalls the way she behaved with Raghav and gets upset. She decides to apologize to him. Just then she receives a call from the police station. One of the officers informs her that they get a lead in her case and she may need to visit the station to help that person identify. Bhawana agrees. The officer asks her to inform Raghav as well because he specifically asked them to give every update on this case to her.

Dheere Dheere Se 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhawana says okay. She then gets upset with herself for hurting Raghav and decides to find a way to apologize to him. Later Bhawana comes near Brij Mohan’s office and sees Raghav Gaurav and Brij Mohan there. She wonders how to apologize to Raghav. Gaurav tells Raghav that he and Brij Mohan is leaving for a hearing and leave the place. Raghav also goes inside the office.

Bhawana decides to send the remaining prasad which she made for God to Raghav as a token of apology. She also writes a note for him. She sees the worker of Raghav going inside carrying his bags and wonders how to give this to him now. Other side Bhanu reaches home and the family members get confused seeing his weird behavior and question him. Bhanu gets frustrated and goes inside Aarushi’s room and the family members get worried and follow him.

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