Dheere Dheere Se 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts when Bhawana returns home with the sewing machine. Poonam stops Bhawana and inquires about her. Bhawana tells her that she is planning to participate in a sewing contest. Poonam tells her that she thought after all that happened she had the guts to roam the road and tries to show her the newspaper article about Bhawana and Raghav-related news.

Raghav notices this and gets worried. He interrupts Poonam and Bhawana’s conversation and sends Bhawana inside, saying Aanchal is looking for her. Bhawana goes inside. Raghav pretends to throw the sewing machine on Poonam’s head, which leads the latter to go inside.

Dheere Dheere Se 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dheere Dheere Se 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhawana gets surprised at not finding Aanchal there. She wonders why Raghav lied to her. Savita meets Bhawana and asks her not to worry about whatever happened. Bhawana gets confused. Raghav arrives there and distracts Bhawana, stopping Savita from telling the news about Bhawana and Raghav. He then signs at Savita. Savita leaves the place. Bhawana questions him for lying to her about how Aanchal is searching for her, but Aanchal isn’t even here.

Raghav tells her that she is going to take part in a competition to prove herself, and she doesn’t want to doubt herself by talking to such people. He also lies about the reason behind Savita’s concerning words. Bhawana tells him that she has to participate in the competition and win so that only she will be able to pay the rent for staying in their house. Raghav gets tensed, recalling his promise to Brij Mohan. He worries about how to tell Bhawana about Brij Mohan’s decision.

Later, Savita questions Raghav for agreeing to visit the temple immediately, unlike other times. Raghav shares his worry about the promise he made to Brij Mohan. Savita informs him that Brij Mohan has left the station and will return in a few days; however, Raghav must first inform Bhawana of Brij Mohan’s decision. He then hears Jagjivan’s conversation about the promise he is forced to make by Bhanu—not to allow Bhawana in their house. Raghav becomes more concerned upon hearing this and wonders what to do.

Poonam informs Malini and Vidhi about Bhawana’s decision to participate in the sewing contest. Malini fumes in anger. On the other side, Raghav watches Aanchal and Bhawana together, making arrangements to participate in the contest, and gets upset, recalling Brij Mohan and Jagjivan’s words. Swati asks Raghav the reason behind his look of worry.

Raghav tells her about Jagjivan’s promise to Bhanu. Swati makes a joke about Bhawana’s state, comparing it with a stray dog named Coffee. Raghav glares at her. Swati apologizes and then suggests that he try talking to Brij Mohan again. Raghav leaves the place.

Malini says that she thought the Srivastavs would throw Bhawana out of the house after reading the news, but Bhawana is taking part in a competition. She can’t let Bhawana fly high. She has to make sure Bhawana knows her place, as she is nothing more than a servant. She then discusses her plan with Vidya.

At night, Vidya and Malini distract Devraj, and Vidya enters the Srivastavs’ house. She wonders where the servant quarters are where Bhawana is staying. She enters the servant quarters just as Aarav tells Swati that he will have dinner with Bhawana. Vidhi goes there without Swati’s knowledge. She is surprised by the room’s size and wonders why Bhawana is still staying there.

Aanchal Bhawana and Aarav spend some quality time together. Aanchal teases Aarav for taking help from Bhawana to have food. Aarushi asks Malini about Vidya’s whereabouts, and the latter lies, saying she went outside and making Aarushi leave. Raghav brings coffee for both Aanchal and Bhawana. Aanchal decides to go to bed as she has school tomorrow. Raghav decides to help Bhawana, and they both work together.

Vidya records Raghav and Bhawana are working together on her phone, and she smiles, thinking she came here to ruin Bhawana’s things in order to prevent her from competing in the competition, but she received more interesting news. Malini worries about Vidya, so she sends her a message. Both Raghav and Bhawana hear the sound of mobile phones. Vidya hides herself and realises she forgot to put her phone on silent. Raghav comes to the doorstep to check who is outside.


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