Dheere Dheere Se 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Bhanu taking Meera’s family to the marriage hall and saying this is especially for Meera. Manohar expresses his happiness. Meera thanks, Abhishek. The latter asks her to thank Bhanu because it’s he who made all the efforts. She also asked him not to tell her any of his arrangements. Meera thanks, Bhanu. Bhanu asks her to call him Papa Ji. Meera obliges. Aarushi and Anchal enter the venue. Meera takes Aanchal aside and compliments her dress. Aarushi expresses her disappointment because Aanchal is getting all the attention.

Malini says to Bhanu that Bhawana is clever and cunning, so she lies to them and said that she needed money for a lawyer’s fee and bought an expensive dress for Aanchal. Meera asks Aanchal where she bought the dress and who the designer is. Aanchal claims Bhawana made this dress out of an old saree. When Bhanu Malini Manohar and his wife hear it, they are taken aback. Malini lies and says that Bhawana insists on making a dress for Aanchal on her own and that she always makes sweaters and other dresses for family members because she likes to do it.

Dheere Dheere Se 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update
Dheere Dheere Se 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Manohar praises Bhawana. Abhishek claims that Bhawana does everything perfectly, even though she cooks delicious food. Meera forced a smile upon hearing it. Her mother asks the Shastri where Bhawana is. Bhanu says to her that Bhawana must be on her way. Meera’s mother states that she informed her during the engagement and that she wants both family members, as well as the auspicious tike, to be present, and how the engagement must be conducted before it ends. Malini assures Manohar’s wife that Bhawana will return on time.

Bhanu takes everyone inside the venue. The other side, Bhawana, enters the courtroom. Her phone starts ringing. The judge gets annoyed and asks her to follow the rules. He then asks her to take her seat. Gaurav signs at Bhawana’s seat. Bhawana takes it. She then pleads with the judge to wait until her lawyer arrives, as he is stuck somewhere. The judge scolds Bhawana and then asks Gaurav to make Bhawana understand the norms of the court. Gaurav tells Bhawana this is how it works and asks Bhawana to call her lawyer. Bhawana wonders what to do because Vaibhav’s number isn’t reachable.

At the engagement venue, Meera and Abhishek take their places. The family surrounds them. Meera suggests a selfie. Poonam arrives there and says she will also be there for the family selfie and introduces herself to Manohar and his family as she is staying in Barsati. Aarushi takes the selfie. Bhanu suggests a family photo, but Manohar’s wife reminds him that Bhawana isn’t here yet. She then asks the Shastris about Bhawana’s whereabouts.

She also talks about the ritual they have to perform before the engagement takes place and asks where the holy thread is. Malini says Bhawana is the one who brings her. Abhishek assures Meera’s mother that Bhawana will reach on time and asks her not to worry. Manohar’s wife forces a smile and nods okay. Bhanu thinks to himself that Bhawana has to face his wrath for whatever she has done now. Later, Manohar’s wife tells Bhanu and Malini they both have one child. Bhanu also promised the wedding and the functions would take place in a grand way, but there is no music or dance performance happening.

Bhanu gets relieved that Meera’s mother is not asking for trouble. He then compliments his wife’s dance moves and addresses Aarushi and Aanchal. On the other side, the judge asks Bhawana how long they have to wait for her lawyer. Bhawana gets worried, and Vikas looks happy. In the engagement venue, Manohar’s wife asks Bhanu to dance, which shocks him and the family. Bhanu refuses at first, but when Manohar’s wife asks him about Bhawana’s whereabouts, the former agrees to dance.

The music plays. Bhanu starts dancing. Everyone enjoys the performance. Meera and Abhishek join Bhanu. One by one, everyone joins Bhanu and dances. Bhanu Malini and Aanchal are concerned as they approach Bhawana’s entrance. Aarushi tries to spoil Aanchal’s dress by throwing a drink, but it falls on Vidya, so the latter scolds her. Aanchal laughs at Aarushi and leaves. Aarushi fumes in anger.

Bhanu takes Malini aside and says to her that at any cost, Manohar’s wife should learn about the Barsati case, and he asks Malini to call Bhawana as she must be in hearing, which is why she may not have answered the calls. Malini obliges. In court, the judge asks to reprimand Vaibhav from entering his session anymore for wasting everyone’s time. He then asks Gaurav to start. Gaurav recalls Raghav advising him to do something that would cause the Shastris little harm. He then recalls Brij Mohan’s words, telling him not to let the judge pass the verdict and keep on dragging the case.

Manohar’s wife inquires about Bhawana’s whereabouts now that the auspicious time has begun. She then asks if they have any problems with one another. Malini assures that nothing of the sort will occur. Meera recommends exchanging rings first. Her mother informs her that they have to follow the ritual first. In court, Gaurav tells the judge that this case is taking up a lot of their time and energy, and now that Vaibhav, the opposition lawyer, broke the rule, he asks the judge to consider that and pass the verdict in his client’s favor. Bhawana gets shocked.

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