Dheere Dheere Se 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Meera’s mother explaining how Meera planned a destination wedding and how it will now take place with such little notice. Everyone looks worried. Bhawana looks at the clock, then recalls the inspector’s words, and wonders how to leave and reach the station on time. Malini says that they have to follow at least a few rituals.

So the wedding can take place as per Meera’s wish, but the engagement should take place in the house. Manohar nods, but Meera and her mother look stunned. Abhishek signs at Meera to agree, so the latter convinces her mother too. Her mother agrees and praises her daughter for taking her mother-in-law’s side now, which brings a smile to everyone’s face. Malini and Bhanu notice that Bhawana is not even smiling.

Dheere Dheere Se 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Malini goes to Bhawana and taunts her, asking if she is not happy with the marriage date that has been fixed for her son Abhishek. Bhawana says nothing such as that and lies, saying she has to go to the bank. Malini asks if she’s going to get the insurance money, to which Bhawana nods and worries about how to leave when Meera’s family is here. Malini suggests she use the backdoor to leave, which Bhawana obliges. On the other side, Swati asks the nurse to check whether the system is now working. The nurse checks and shows her the CCTV footage. Swati is taken aback when she sees Raghav with Bhawana and Aanchal and recalls what happened to them.

She then smirks and says after this truth comes out, Raghav will be thrown out of the house for sure, and she gets happy. She also imagines Brij Mohan slapping Raghav, and Savita asks Raghav to leave the house. Swati comes out of her imaginary world after Raghav enters, calling her name. Swati changes the position of the system and faces Raghav. Raghav lies to Swati about his doctor friend’s absence. Swati lies; she found a good doctor here, so there’s no need to be concerned. Raghav buys her lies and then suggests that she leave, to which Swati agrees. Meanwhile, Bhawana reaches the police station.

The inspector takes Bhawana inside and shows her the culprit who is behind the bars. He then asks Bhawana to sign the papers to complete the formalities. Bhawana signs and looks at the culprit angrily. Raghav arrives there. The inspector asking Bhawana to slap the culprit is a form of punishment. Bhawana says no and recalls the culprit pretending to help her. She says if a kid makes a mistake, they can punish them to show them the right path.

She trusted the man on a human basis; he did not even care about the importance of money in someone’s life. She then claims the money is what her late husband left for her and her daughter, the importance of which the culprit is unaware. The culprit smiles at her without any regret. Meanwhile, Meera’s mother taunts the Shastri by telling them they have money, so they will manage the arrangements for the wedding easily. They all decide to leave, but Meera wishes to see Shastri’s house. Malini and Vidya take Meera and her mother to show them the house. In the police station, the inspector once again suggests punishing Bhawana.

Bhawana refuses and tells the culprit that he may think she is a fool, but she trusted him and thought he would help her on humane grounds. She would have lost faith in humanity and trust if it hadn’t been for people who helped her without expecting anything in return. She then asks the Inspector to take the culprit away from her, as she doesn’t even want to see his face. Raghav, who is watching everything silently, asks the Inspector not to speak further. Bhawana is shocked to find Raghav there.

Raghav mocks Bhawana and tells the Inspector that the latter is used to living like this, so they can’t expect her to stand up for herself, shocking Bhawana. On the other side, Abhishek asks Meera why she is upset. Meera’s mother tells Shastris where Meera will stay after she gets married to Abhishek, as Abhishek doesn’t have a room of his own and is staying in the living room with Jagjivan. Bhanu and Malini get shocked and worried. In the police station, Raghav provokes Bhawana by calling her an incapable woman, which angers the latter.

He also tells her the importance of her insurance money and what the culprit has done to her. Bhawana gets angry, so she goes to the culprit and slaps him hard after the troubles she has gone through after losing the insurance money. Raghav gets happy. Later, Raghav gives the check to Bhawana, and the latter is happy to see it.

Bhawana then tells Raghav that she shouldn’t have slapped the culprit. Raghav admits to her that he provoked her. He then gets upset with Bhawana for regretting her actions, so he tells her she would have made a huge mistake if she hadn’t hit that culprit, then leaves the place. Bhawana looks on worriedly.

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