Dheere Dheere Se 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Raghav getting happy, thinking it’s Bhawana who Savita choose for him. Savita calls Sangeeta, which shocks Raghav. Savita introduces Raghav and Sangeeta to each other, then leaves them to make them talk. Sangeeta tells Raghav she learned about his law practice and inquires how it’s going. Raghav looks distracted seeing Bhawana through Aanchal’s video chat. Sangeeta notices it and advises Raghav to confess his feelings to whoever he likes before it’s too late and then leaves the place.

Raghav goes to where Aanchal is, and through video chat, both Bhawana and Raghav greet others and wish them Holi. Bhawana decides to go and work, and she asks Aanchal to enjoy Holi with her friends. Aanchal obliges. She then asks Raghav why he looks stressed. Is this because of any girl? Raghav gets tensed but sends Aanchal from there, asking her not to act like an older. He then looks at Bhawana’s room. Savita arrives there and notices Raghav is watching Bhawana’s space. She gets determined not to do something because Raghav can be separated from her again.

Later Bhawana is busy doing her work, and Aanchal calls her to the balcony by notifying her about the wind blow. Bhawana goes to the balcony. Aanchal gives her a kulfi. Bhawana gets happy tasting it. She then gets surprised to learn that Raghav is on the call. He asks Bhawana to enjoy the kulfi. Bhawana tells both Raghav and Aanchal that Holi was her favorite festival and shares her childhood memories with them related to Holi.

Aanchal and Raghav persuade her to celebrate Holi now and not listen to others’ words. Bhawana recalls Malini’s words. She gets upset with Aanchal and Raghav. She scolds them both and then goes inside. Aanchal expresses her worry to Raghav about Bhawana sacrificing her happiness like this. Raghav promises Aanchal to make Bhawana play Holi the next day. Aanchal gets happy.

The next day the Shastri gets ready to celebrate Holi while Bhawana is busy in the kitchen. Other family members share their memories of their last year’s Holi and share them. Aanchal asks Bhawana to join them for the Holi celebration. Bhawana refuses, so Aanchal decides not to pressure her and leaves. She gets happy when Bhawana gives her a handmade pichkari she made for Aanchal.

Vidya taunts Bhawana for giving sweets to Aanchal alone, but Bhawana says she gave them to both Aarushi and Abhishek. Malini mocks Bhawana for her bravery in replying to them and her sweets. Jagjivan asks Malini to make sweets independently if she has problems with Bhawana. Malini shuts her mouth. Bhanu taunts Bhawana by calling her Gudiya Ji. He then advises her not to stain herself by playing with colors, with someone reminding her she is a widow.

Jagjivan gets furious, but Bhawana calms him down. They all then leave. Bhawana watches the celebration in full swing when she is about to close the door and smiles. Abhishek saves Dimple from a guy who forcibly tries to apply color to her. They both then wish each other Holi and then leave part ways. Brij Mohan and Bhanu come face to face and argue over the land dispute.

People around them separate from each other and advise them not to fight during festivals. Here Bhawana gets distracted with Holi celebrations outside. She closes the window and decides not to think about Holi. Raghav watches this from the balcony and says that Bhawana is trying to shut all the doors that give her happiness. Still, she won’t let it happen and gets determined to make Bhawana participate in the Holi celebration.


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