Dheere Dheere Se 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the cops leaving the house, and Bhanu scolds Bhawana. Bhawana tries to defend her actions. Bhanu asks her to stop. Jagjivan supports Bhawana. Bhanu warns and advises Bhawana, and the latter gets hurt and upset. During the night, Bhanu recalls giving information to the goons and watching Raghav get attacked, as well as the police interrogation.

Amit inquires about Bhanu’s health before asking if he is concerned about the police. Bhanu says he is worried about Abhishek’s wedding. Amit asks him not to worry, saying no one will learn that he is the one who attacked Raghav. Someone in the shadows hears it. Bhanu says there is someone there, so he turns on the light and is surprised to see Bhawana there.

Dheere Dheere Se 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhawana asks him if he attacked Raghav. Bhanu asks her not to utter a single word about this. He adds that he attacked Raghav to get revenge on him for insulting Amit. He threatens Bhawana with evicting her from the house with Aanchal if she reveals the truth and leaves. Bhawana looks shocked.

The next day, Bhawana recalls Bhanu’s threat. Aanchal arrives there and shows her her dress. She says to Bhawana that her friend has matching jewelry, so she asks for permission to take it from her. Bhawana requests that you hurry up and return home safely. Aanchal obliges, then leaves. Bhawana notices the bulb has failed and rushes to Aanchal, but Malini stops her and inquires about Vidya.

Malini then goes inside. Bhawana worries about why she is getting anxious about whatever happened. Jagjivan arrives there and inquires about her feeling anxious. Before Bhawana could say anything, Bhanu intervened and indirectly threatened her, so Bhawana excused herself and left from there.

Bhanu smirks. In the hospital, Raghav smells one of the roses from the bouquet and recalls everything about his interaction with Bhawana. Swati teases him. She then tells Bhawana in front of her family that she is the one who rescued Raghav. Raghav worries about what Bhawana must be going through in her house.

Later, Bhanu and Bhawana do aarti and put a tilak on Abhishek. Bhawana watches this and then wonders about Aanchal’s whereabouts. Abhishek asks Bhawana to come forward to perform the ritual, but Bhanu and Malini oppose it. They all leave there. Bhawana asks Aarushi about Aanchal, but the latter says she isn’t with her and then leaves. Bhawana gets worried, so she calls Diksha, but Diksha tells Bhawana that Anchal isn’t with her.

The Shastris happily dance. Just then, Bhawana receives a video call. She is taken aback when she sees Aanchal’s condition via video call. A masked man threatens Bhawana to harm Aanchal if she fails to tell the truth to everyone about Bhanu’s involvement in Raghav’s attack. Raghav wakes up feeling uneasy. He worries about Bhawana.

Here, Malini scolds Bhawana and reminds her about the ritual Aanchal has to perform, then inquires about Aanchal’s whereabouts. She asks her to bring Aanchal, then goes to Abhishek. Jagjivan inquires with Bhawana about Aanchal’s whereabouts. Bhawana says Aanchal isn’t feeling well, so she won’t perform the ritual. Abhishek gets upset. He then leaves with the family. In the hospital, Raghav thinks that his instincts say something bad is going to happen.

He decides to call Bhawana but worries that Bhawana may land in trouble. But he calls her nonetheless. Bhawana answers the call without noticing who it is and says she can’t do whatever he says. Raghav informs her that it’s him, then asks her why she seems worried. Bhawana disconnects the call. Raghav gets more worried and decides to take help from Swati to learn about Abhishek’s wedding venue.

The Shastri family arrives at the wedding venue and gets greeted by the Meera family. Bhawana recalls the blackmailer’s words and worries that she can’t go against Bhanu. Raghav arrives at the wedding venue. He worries, seeing Bhawana’s nervous state. He decides to call her, but just then Brij Mohan arrives there with the cops. Bhanu gets furious and shouts at Brij Mohan for interfering with his son’s wedding and trying to humiliate him.

Brij Mohan accuses Bhanu of attacking Raghav. Bhanu requests the cops not to believe Brij Mohan’s words. The inspector claims that they received information about his involvement in Raghav’s attack from a family member, and he wants that family member to come forward and tell the truth. Bhawana recalls the blackmailer’s words. She then receives a message from the blackmailer asking her to tell the truth.

Raghav thinks that Brij Mohan is unnecessarily creating drama. Bhanu asks the inspector to file a complaint against Brij Mohan, saying that the latter is the one who attacked Raghav. Bhawana becomes concerned for Aanchal’s safety, so she comes forward and says she heard Bhanu’s confession about his involvement in Raghav’s attack, and she also shows his chain, which she claims she found from where Raghav is injured.

Everyone gets shocked. Raghav wonders why Bhawana is going against her family for him. The cops arrest Bhanu and try to take him away, but Bhanu refuses to go with them. Bhawana looks on.


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