Dheere Dheere Se 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Bhawana hesitating to reply, but Swati brings the lehenga with her, saying it’s here. Bhanu asks how she got this lehenga. Swati lies and claims that the auto driver accidentally gave it to her. Bhanu is relieved that no one was aware of Raghav’s condition until now. Malini snatches the lehenga from Swati. Bhawana thanks Swati. Swati tells her how she has to bring this lehenga without anyone growing suspicious because of it, then leaves the place.

Malini scolds Bhawana for always ruining everything. She then confronts her about her ripped saree. Bhawana lies to them. Bhanu expresses his hatred for the Srivastavs and says if it’s not about Meera’s lehenga, then he could have thrown Swati out of the house. He also warns Bhawana. Savita is relieved to see Raghav open his eyes in the hospital. He asks her where he is. Brij Mohan tells him about his attack and also promises to find the attacker and the one who brought him to the hospital.

Dheere Dheere Se 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dheere Dheere Se 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Swati smirks. Gaurav decides to stay with Raghav, but Swati insists she will stay, which Savita agrees to, and they all leave the place. On the other side, Bhawana prays for both Abhishek’s marriage and Raghav’s recovery. Swati informs Raghav that it was Bhawana who brought him to the hospital, and she shows him Bhawana’s torn saree, telling him that she can’t even describe the significance of her gesture. Raghav takes the torn saree piece in his hand and recalls his moments with Bhawana. Swati smirked as she observed Raghav’s reaction.

Malini inquires with Bhanu about the wedding arrangements. Bhanu looks at the Srivastavs’ house and wonders about Raghav’s state. The builder asks his worker to gather information about Bhawana, who helped Raghav get admitted to the hospital. His worker obliges. Swati calls Bhawana and lies to her that Raghav’s health is deteriorating and no one is by her side, so she asks her to visit the hospital for her moral support. Bhawana hesitates but agrees. She then decides to leave the house, but Vidya stops her, asking where she is going. Bhawana lies; she is going to buy groceries.

Vidya asks her to send Aanchal and Aarushi. Malini asks Bhawana to go to the shop to buy groceries. Bhawana gets happy and then leaves. Swati lies to Raghav that Bhawana insists on visiting him now, and she tries to stop her, but she doesn’t listen to her at all. She then excuses herself, saying she is going to buy him medicine.

She comes to the reception, where she gets the bouquet, and sees Bhawana arrive. She informs Bhawana that Raghav’s condition is stable, but he is still Raghav. She then gives him the bouquet, saying it was from one of Raghav’s clients, and he asks her to give it to him while she goes to buy medicine for him, then leaves. Bhawana gets worried but goes to meet Raghav. Raghav smiles when he sees Bhawana and the bouquet in her hand.

Bhawana inquires about Raghav’s health and blames herself for his attack. Raghav asks her not to also thank her for admitting him to the hospital. Before they could continue their conversation, Swati interrupted them. Bhawana asks Raghav to take care of himself, then leaves. Swati gives Raghav a misunderstanding about the bouquet Bhawana carried with her, which brings a smile to his face.

Later, Vidya scolds Bhawana for returning from the shop late, but Bhawana lies, saying she had to go far to buy the groceries. The workers talk about Raghav’s attack. Bhanu scolds them to do their work. Amit informs Bhanu about the police interrogation they may have to face. Bhanu asks him not to worry; they won’t get caught. Just then, the inspector and his team arrive. Amit lets go of the wedding invitations in his hand.

On the other hand, the doctor informs Raghav that he has recovered, which pleases his family. Brij Mohan proudly says it’s happened because Raghav is his son. Swati thinks to herself that it’s all because of Bhawana and smirks. Raghav sends a message to the family members, saying he will manage to be alone for a night. Here the inspector thinks to himself that Raghav instructed him not to ask anything of Bhawana in front of her family members, so he starts his interrogation with Bhanu. Bhanu lied to the inspector.

Bhawana takes a stand for Bhanu, saying that the latter will never attack someone from behind and will not try to kill someone to take his revenge. Bhanu gets angry that Bhawana’s interruption may land him in trouble. The inspector tells Bhawana that he hopes what she is saying now becomes true, then tells Bhanu the interrogation isn’t over yet. He will visit if he finds out any lies about Bhanu. Bhanu looks shocked.


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