Dear Ishq 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shauvik coming to meet Asmita, bringing food, but the latter looks sad. He asks her to join him as he buys breakfast for them. Asmita hugs Shauvik. She then tells her how she messed up a job interview, which was arranged by Shalini, but she thought it was Abhimanyu.

The latter is playing mind games with her. On the other side, Neeti is surprised to see that Abhimanyu made pancakes for her and Raman. Abhimanyu then suggests having breakfast with her. Neeti agrees. Shauvik encourages Asmita not to give up hope and suggests that she arrived at work late. Asmita obliges.

Dear Ishq 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dear Ishq 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Neeti informs Abhimanyu that Raman must have returned from his morning walk, so she is returning to her house, and that the next time the three of them are together, they will have breakfast before she leaves. Here Shauvik calls Abhimanyu and requests that he meet him, as he wants to talk to him. Abhimanyu agrees. Shauvik tells Asmita he has to go to the office and then leaves. Asmita looks on confusedly.

Abhimanyu takes a selfie with his fans in the cafe. He then notices Shauvik but refuses to acknowledge him and orders his food. Shauvik takes the seat opposite him and introduces himself again, asking if he remembers him at all. Abhimanyu refers to him as Asmita’s fiancé and tells him that he meets a lot of people in a day and has trouble remembering their names or recognizing their faces. He then asks Shauvik why he wants to meet him.

Shauvik tells Abhimanyu that Asmita had gone through a lot in her life but never complained about it. He understands they had an argument, but that doesn’t mean Abhimanyu has the right to bother her. Abhimanyu mocks and asks Shauvik if Asmita sent him here because he knows he isn’t bothering her; in fact, he is willing to assist her even though she insulted him at the party.

Shauvik angrily says to Abhimanyu that Asmita isn’t aware of his meeting with the latter. He is aware that Abhimanyu is bothering Asmita because Asmita has hurt his ego, but he asks Abhimanyu to leave everything behind and move on, claiming that it is better for everyone.

He gets furious when Abhimanyu talks to him in a mocking way, saying he doesn’t understand a single word of what he is saying. He also asks Shauvik to invite him to his marriage, as he has seen the way the latter proposed to Asmita, just like he wrote in his third book. He asks Shauvik not to tell Asmita that he reads his books.

He also suggests that she read his books, and he may get tips on how to handle his girlfriend. Abhimanyu then hugs Shauvik and congratulates him on his marriage with Asmita in advance. Shauvik glares at Abhimanyu and then leaves. Abhimanyu says to himself that he would love to see Asmita’s reaction when she learns through him about his meeting with Shauvik.

Later, Abhimanyu reaches the office. Bani tries to talk to him, but Abhimanyu mocks her and then goes to Paper Ink. Bani orders her work to bring all the best-selling books to her table, recalling Abhimanyu’s advice earlier. Asmita reaches the office but decides to go inside after confirming whether Abhimanyu is there or not, so she sends a message to Shalini. She gets a reply saying Abhimanyu isn’t here, so Asmita decides to go to the office.

Abhimanyu comes to the office. He notices Asmita hasn’t arrived yet. He tells Maya that he is ready to narrate his first story. Maya and Peter take him to their cabin. Meanwhile, Shalini sends a message to Asmita that Abhimanyu has arrived, which Asmita fails to notice and enters the office. The employees request that Maya let them be part of Abhimanyu’s narration.

Abhimanyu agrees, which makes them all happy. He narrates a story about a college girl who will leave the college real soon, about the hero Dev because of his entry, and how the heroine’s life is going to change. Asmita is perplexed when she notices the office is empty and learns from the worker that they are all in Maya and Peter’s cabin to listen to Abhimanyu’s narration.

Dear Ishq 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Asmita gets shocked after she checks her phone and gets upset for not noticing Shalini’s message. Shalini comes to Asmita and praises Abhimanyu’s story. Asmita criticizes his story, which Abhimanyu hears. Abhimanyu then stops Asmita and confronts her for criticizing his story. Asmita says his story is like junk food, which has no meaning.

She also suggests reading a few authors’ names and books to learn how to write a story. She also talks about her favorite book, which may not have sold that much but is worth reading, and suggests Abhimanyu read it. Abhimanyu agrees to read the book to let her know why it didn’t gain people’s attention at all. He then snatches Asmita’s coffee and says that her fiance looks cute when he gets angry, then leaves. Asmita gets shocked and confused.


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