Dear Ishq 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Asmita accidentally pouring hot water in Abhimanyu’s hand and apologizing to him, saying this wasn’t intentional. Abhimanyu wonders if this is her way of retaliating against him for defeating her. Asmita tells him why she should take revenge on him when she is the one who defeated him.

She also calls him a hypocrite. Abhimanyu asks her the reason behind making such crude remarks about him in a mocking way. Asmita reminds him of the condition for signing a contract with Paper Ink: he wanted her as his editor, but after she refused and resigned, he is signing the contract with Paper Ink. She defeated him in his own childish games. It was he who lost, not the other way around.

Dear Ishq 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dear Ishq 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhimanyu smiles and taunts her for quitting her job. He also shows Peter, Maya, and all the other employees, who are happy after he agreed to sign the contract with them. No one cared about her resignation, and it shows who won. He further calls her an emotional fool for quitting her job and tells her no one is going to hire her, especially after the stunt she pulled with him the other day, which is all over social media, then leaves.

Asmita gets hurt, but she says to herself that she is happier being an emotional fool than working with someone under Abhimanyu. She then exits the building. Abhimanyu is on his way out, but his lift stops at the floor where Fresh Print is. Bani enters the elevator with Champagne in her hand. The elevator abruptly comes to a halt. Abhimanyu looks confused. Bani asks him not to worry because she won’t do anything to him.

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Abhimanyu realizes that Bani is the reason the elevator gets stopped in the middle and questions her about it. Bani says she can’t exactly come there to celebrate his signing a contract with Paper Ink. She further informs him that because of his decision, she will sign a contract with Rizwan, who is his arch-enemy.

She also says that she may not be interested in reading books, but she is good at finance and business. Abhimanyu mocks Bani, saying that Rizwan buys his own books because his writing is pathetic. He further advises her to start reading books to save herself and her business from a huge failure. On the other side, Asmita’s mother shares her worry with her mother-in-law that her son may file a case against them for not agreeing to sell the house.

Asmita arrives at the house and is perplexed because all of the lights are turned off. She wonders the reason behind it and goes to her mother’s room, where she sees both her mother and grandmother talking about something. She questions them about it as well. Her mother is lying; she is telling her that she doesn’t want to do an angiography.

Asmita scolds her, saying she doesn’t have an option. Her grandmother invites her to go to the balcony, where a surprise awaits her. Asmita gets confused but obliges, then leaves. Her grandmother assures Asmita’s mother that her son will not do anything and that even if he does, they will face it together; she asks her not to be concerned.

Asmita comes to the balcony and is surprised to find it decorated. Shauvik arrives there. He tells her that they used to celebrate all their happy moments in life, but what about the challenges they face, which turn our world upside down? So let’s celebrate her resignation. Asmita appears surprised. Shauvik takes her hand in his and sways with her.

Another side Abhimanyu comes to his parent’s house. Neeta informs him that Raman is in his room busy reading books, so he doesn’t have to worry, and she asks him about his visit. Abhimanyu asks her to make kheer for him. Neeta obliges. Other side Asmita expresses her disappointment towards Shauvik for her resignation and asks him why he didn’t stop her.

Shauvik tells her he will be by her side in all her right and wrong decisions. It’s her life, which she has to decide on her own. Asmita says to Shauvik that he is supposed to guide her when she chooses the wrong path. In a month, she will be jobless, and she is worried about the expenses.

Shauvik calms her down, saying everything will work out in the end. He then suggests going out and makes Asmita laugh with a joke. Neeta asks Abhimanyu how he intends to share the good news with her after she gives him his kheer, as he has done since childhood.

Abhimanyu informs her that he became the highest-paid author after signing the deal today. Neeta expresses her happiness. Later, Neeta gets worried after finding Abhimanyu’s burned hand and applying ointment to it; she also questions him. Abhimanyu recalls Asmita’s words and tells Neeta that it’s nothing.

Dear Ishq 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Neeta asks Abhimanyu why, even after sharing good news, he looks defeated. Abhimanyu says nothing and decides to leave. He also refuses to meet Raman, saying the latter never appreciated nor acknowledged his effort, then leaves. Raman watches this from upstairs. Abhimanyu comes to his house and lies on the sofa.

Asmita is walking on the road and smiling while looking at the sky. Abhimanyu goes to her and traps her in a tree, then asks her the reason behind her looking so happy even after losing everything, but he isn’t happy even though he won. Asmita smiles at him in a mocking way and taunts him. Abhimanyu looks on with anger-filled eyes.


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