Dear Ishq 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Abhimanyu entering Paper Ink while Asmita takes her seat. The receptionist calls out his name to the rest of the staff. Asmita is shocked to see him there. She decides not to see him as she is in trouble, so she hides herself under the table. She then gets shocked upon finding Abhimanyu standing beside her, looking at her.

The latter asks, though, what she is doing here. Asmita lies; she is searching for her pen and decides to stand up from there, but Abhimanyu taunts her to stay there, then leaves the place. Asmita fumes in anger. Bani sees Rizwan jogging in the park. She goes after him and asks him if this is even the kind of place for meetings. She also shows interest in letting him sign a deal with Fresh Print. Rizwan refuses, saying her first choice was Abhimanyu.

Dear Ishq 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dear Ishq 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bani denies it and says she wanted to sign both Abhimanyu and Rizwan. She joined Fresh Print because she wanted her publishing house to grow, so she did what she thought was right. She has also realized her errors and states that if she had to choose between Abhimanyu and Rizwan, she would have chosen Rizwan. Rizwan refuses to believe her words and decides to walk away, but Bani offers him a deal that makes him agree to sign a deal with Fresh Print. He then leaves the place.

Another side Asmita receives a message from the hospital about her mother’s appointment, so she calls her mother to let her know. Her mother tells her it’s not necessary because she’s fine now. Asmita scolds her and asks her to be ready to go to the hospital. She then learns her uncle is there in her house and tells her mother not to give the call to him, but her mother ends up giving it to him.

Asmita greets her uncle, and the latter inquires about her whereabouts. He then shows his disappointment towards her for not informing him about her mother’s condition. Asmita says her priority is to take her mother to the hospital and not to call him at that time.

Her mother says to Asmita’s uncle that all of them were worried; that’s the reason they were unable to inform him. Asmita’s uncle says they are family too, and they worry about them. His mother taunted him to pay the hospital bills, and that led him to make an excuse.

Asmita’s grandmother snatches the phone from her son, asks Asmita to go back to work, then disconnects the call. On the other side, Maya hears a knock and irritatingly asks what he wants now without looking at the door. Abhimanyu enters and makes his presence known to her.

Maya is taken aback when she sees Abhimanyu. She apologizes to him for snapping at her. Peter also arrives there. Maya and Peter ask Abhimanyu about his sudden visit to their publishing house. Abhimanyu informs them that he is signing a contract with them despite whatever happened.

Maya and Peter both express their joy. Abhimanyu then asks Maya and Peter to make this official by announcing it publicly. Peter informs me he will arrange a press conference. Abhimanyu agrees. Maya assures him that Shalini will be by his side to edit his books and that nothing will go wrong.

Abhimanyu says to her that it doesn’t matter because he is the one who has the final draught of his story. He then watches Asmita from the door and tells Maya and Peter that they can celebrate with their employees before the official announcement. Maya and Peter happily oblige.

In Asmita’s house, her uncle persuades his mother and sister-in-law to sell the house. His mother scolds him for thinking like this. He tells them that if they sell the house, then it will be useful for them with the medical expenses and also for Asmita’s wedding. His mother sends him out, then tells Asmita’s mother not to fall into the trap of her son, who is nothing but trouble. He is greedy, so he will try to manipulate them; also, the three of them are family.

Dear Ishq 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhimanyu opens the bottle of champagne in the office and pours the contents onto the floor. Asmita looks at the other side while everyone looks happy. Abhimanyu poured some of the liquid on her, shocking her. Everyone notices it, but no one says anything.

Asmita decides to walk away, but when the staff asks her to give a speech to Abhimanyu, the latter tells them that he is glad to sign a contract with Paper Ink even though they faced obstacles on their way here. He chose Paper Ink mainly because Maya and Peter are loyal to him and they know his importance.

.Asmita gets hurt hearing the words. He then asks Maya to give her speech. Maya taunts Asmita in her speech, which Asmita hears and gets hurt by. Asmita walks away from there. Abhimanyu follows her. Asmita is deep in thought and fails to notice Abhimanyu, and the latter also fails to notice her.

Asmita then accidentally pours hot water on Abhimanyu, and the latter gets hurt. They both know who the other person is. Asmita apologizes to Abhimanyu, saying it’s not intentional. Abhimanyu refuses to believe it, claiming that she intentionally hurt him in order to exact revenge on him. Asmita taunts him, then looks on.


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