Dear Ishq 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Asmita’s grandmother asking Asmita why she looks so upset after returning from the office. Just then, Asmita’s mother falls unconscious. Both Asmita and her grandmother get worried. Asmita’s grandmother suggests she call the doctor. Asmita agrees and goes out of the house. The rain starts to pour hard. A car arrives there, into which Asmita falls. She then realizes that it’s Abhimanyu’s car.

They both stared at one another. Abhimanyu comes out of the car and asks Asmita why she is coming in front of him again and again if she doesn’t like his work. Asmita shouts at him and then tries to leave, but Abhimanyu stops her from holding her wrist. He then tells her he will prove to her and his father that his writing is worth reading. Asmita taunts him for having father issues.

Dear Ishq 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dear Ishq 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhimanyu warns Asmita about the way she insulted him earlier and says she has to pay for her mistakes. He won’t leave any other option until she regrets her actions towards him and apologizes to him. He also challenges her, saying that he will make her work under him and that his books won’t be junk food for the readers.

Asmita reminds him that she quit her job, so she doesn’t care what he is planning to do next. Abhimanyu wakes up and realizes it’s a nightmare. He believes that now that Asmita has begun disturbing him in his sleep, which must be stopped, he will do something to teach her a lesson.

Asmita and her grandmother arrive at the hospital with her unconscious mother. Her grandmother refuses to let the interns check up on Asmita’s mother and demands a senior doctor treat Asmita’s mother. Asmita tries to calm her down but fails, so she requests the interns bring the senior doctor who is available.

She then tries to calm down her grandmother and assures her that nothing bad will happen to her mother. On the other side, Abhimanyu receives notifications on his phone. He sees that the social media site is filled with people applauding Asmita’s behavior toward him.

Dear Ishq 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

He says to himself that Asmita has so much ego, but she is trying hard to show him the mirror of himself. She has been troubling him since he met her. He can’t let this matter go away just as it is, nor can he get scared of the situation he is in. He has faced and overcome similar situations in the past, so he must approach this situation similarly. He also gets determined to teach Asmita a lesson.

In the hospital, the doctor checks up on Asmita’s mother and tells Asmita and her grandmother to wait outside. Asmita assures her worried grandmother that her mother will be fine. She then asks the intern about her mother’s state. The intern asks her to check with the doctor for brief details.

On the other side, Abhimanyu’s house helps Nannu return from his village. Nannu tells Abhimanyu about his mother, who forced him to stay with her for one more day; hence, he arrived a day later. Abhimanyu talks about Asmita and calls her stubborn.

He also asks himself why Asmita resigned from her job. Maya and Peter only asked that she work with him. Nannu gets confused upon hearing Abhimanyu’s blabberings. Abhimanyu says to Nannu that the latter never judged him, so it’s easy for him to act around him as he is.

On the other side, the doctor informs both Asmita and her grandmother that Asmita’s mother is fine but they have to do a few more checkups, including an angiography. He assures Asmita the angiography is just to make sure the latter’s mother is fine, then leaves the place.

Asmita and her grandmother scold Asmita’s mother for not taking proper rest, but the latter tells them she is fine. The next day, Abhimanyu wakes up to the sound of a doorbell. Nannu fails to open the door. Abhimanyu is shocked to see Kriti outside his house. He fails to stop her from entering the house.

Dear Ishq 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bani complains to her father about Abhimanyu’s refusal to work with them. Her father encourages her to go to any extent to get what she wants, so she asks him to do the needful and then leaves. Rizwan tells Bani over a phone call that he is willing to help her ruin Abhimanyu’s image by showing them as having a common enemy. Bani looks on with determination.

On the other side, after returning from the hospital, Asmita’s mother tells them they don’t have to do any tests as she is fine, but Asmita refuses. She then goes out and recalls whatever happened at the party. She also starts worrying after seeing the support and hate she receives from social media sites and Abhimanyu’s reaction to it.


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