Dear Ishq 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Asmita eating the food she made and then turning to look at Shailaja and Asmita’s grandmother. She excuses herself by saying she was busy with work, which is why she made the mistake of adding more chili powder. She also says that the food she makes for breakfast and lunch is good, right?

Just then, a man appears and requests the food. Asmita gets confused and questions her grandmother and mother. Her grandmother tells her that she doesn’t want to hurt her, which is why she hides it from her because she isn’t a great cook.

Dear Ishq 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dear Ishq 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

But she doesn’t want to hide it from her anymore. Asmita thanks her for her honest opinion. The next day, Asmita meets Abhimanyu and tells him she wants to discuss the concept directly. They both go to a conference room. Asmita tells Abhimanyu that she doesn’t like his concept because it seems immature. How can an 18-year-old boy love a woman who is 45 years old? Readers can’t connect with his book.

Abhimanyu tells her about his book, in which a beautiful girl can fall in love with a blind man. His readers connected with that book, and he received so much appreciation. Even after reading all of his books, including the one for which he gave an example, she thinks his writings are not soulful. Asmita gets nervous. Abhimanyu notices this and inquires of Asmita, “Has she read all of his books?”

Asmita remains silent. When Abhimanyu discovers that Asmita lied to him, he becomes enraged. He asks her how she can lie and criticize his concept in this way. Asmita defends herself by stating that she is unable to read his books due to a personal reason—her mother’s medical emergency. Abhimanyu gets furious and leaves the place. Asmita gets worried.

Both Dev and Aaliya ask Peter for his final opinion about the meme they selected, saying Maya is the one who used to do all this. Peter gets annoyed. Abhimanyu enters the room, demanding to meet Maya. Peter tells him that Maya is on a one-week vacation, so he should talk to him about whatever is bothering him. He may be a business person, but he will definitely help him. Abhimanyu questions him about whether he read his fifth book or not.

Peter lies first, then tells Abhimanyu he is more interested in numbers than such stories, so he asks Abhimanyu to talk to Asmita. Abhimanyu tells him Asmita lied to him about reading all his books and made fun of his concept. Peter gets shocked and tells Asmita she would never do such things, but he calls her to his cabin to resolve the issue between Abhimanyu and her. Asmita searches for Abhimanyu. Shalini meets her and asks her what she did again to Abhimanyu.

Asmita complains to Shalini about Abhimanyu’s behavior, then tells her that her fate isn’t so good these days, so she’ll be in trouble and then leaves. Shalini looks on. On the other side, Rizwan wakes up hearing a handover. He notices some carpentry work is taking place under Anirbhan’s suggestion. He asks him to do it some other day.

Anirbhan questions why they have to hide their relationship from the world and accuses Rizwan of trying to cheat on him. Rizwan promises Anirbhan to disclose his relationship with him to the world real soon, but not now because his reputation will be at stake and he will lose all the fans, especially female fans, then hugs Anirbhan to calm him down. Anirbhan hugs him back.

Peter calls Asmita and questions her about her unprofessional behavior. Asmita gets shocked and tells Peter that because of her situation, she has only failed to read Abhimanyu’s books, but how can he call her unprofessional? Peter becomes helpless and tries to resolve the issue between both Asmita and Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu requests that Peter summon Maya to the office because she is more capable than he is, and if the child becomes ill, it is the responsibility of both parents, not just the mother.

Asmita gets shocked and looks at Abhimanyu. Peter agrees to make Maya come to the office. He further asks both Asmita and Abhimanyu to resolve the issue on their own for one day. Abhimanyu demands Asmita read all his books out loud in front of him. Asmita obliges. Later, Asmita gets upset and worried after learning that Rizwan’s new book’s release date is two days before Abhimanyu’s. She shares her worries with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu asks Asmita if she is hiding anything from him again. Asmita looks on.


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