Dear Ishq 1st February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 1st February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Asmita recalling Maya’s words and then looking at the office sadly, then recalls Maya’s words comparing her with Abhimanyu. She then walks away from the situation. Peter asks Maya what she thinks Abhimanyu will be willing to do even after all this happens: sign a contract with them.

He asks her to do something. Maya leaves the place. Asmita looks at Paper Ink one last time, then leaves. Maya learns through Arya that Abhimanyu left, which upsets the former. Abhimanyu takes a drink and recalls Asmita’s words, looking sad. He then opens his car door suddenly, because of which Asmita stumbles in her walk. They both glared at one another.

Dear Ishq 1st February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update
Dear Ishq 1st February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 1st February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhimanyu taunts her for resigning from her job, which will have a huge impact on her career, and on what she is planning to do with her earnings. Asmita mocks him and his writing skills, saying she is surprised to see the amount of love he is getting from his writing.

She is sure about the kind of writer he is: the one who doesn’t acknowledge and value other people’s emotions won’t write anything meaningful. She also feels relieved that not a single one of his books has affected her. She then says to Abhimanyu that his book is like junk food; if they get addicted to it, it will destroy them. Asmita then furiously leaves the place. Abhimanyu looks on with tear-filled eyes.

Abhimanyu gets into his car. He recalls his conversation with his father. The Facebook video depicts Abhimanyu calling out to his mother and asking her what she’s up to. His mother informs him she is reading one of his books. Abhimanyu informs her of his most recent book, which has sold two million copies. His father arrives there and asks Abhimanyu to write something meaningful instead of the books he is writing because those books are similar to junk food.

For a few days, its taste will linger in people’s lives, then eventually fade away. Abhimanyu gets angry and calls his father a failed writer. He defends himself, saying he is doing this to get money so that he can stop his mother from going to work and take some rest after she resigned from her job. He adds to his father’s advice by learning what the younger generation wants today and acting accordingly; only then will they be able to survive. The FB ends. Abhimanyu has drunk. Asmita comes to her house. She senses her mother’s hand pain and so inquires about it. Her mother assures her she is fine.

Asmita then overheard an argument between her mother and grandmother, who were arguing about who was responsible for the electricity bill. Asmita thinks to herself, “What can she expect from an outsider when her own family fails to understand her?” Her mother asks her if she is fine. Asmita lies, yes, then go inside. Her grandmother senses that Asmita is upset, which she informs her mother of, and they both decide to learn the reason behind it.

Abhimanyu comes to his house in a drunken state. He asks his father whether he has had dinner yet or not. His mother rushes to him. His father informs his mother that Abhimanyu is drunk so that they can have dinner at their home and then departs. Abhimanyu’s mother feels helpless and follows her husband with worry-filled eyes.

Asmita comes to her balcony. She recalls whatever happened in her life after she met him and breaks down in tears. She then says to herself that she has to stay strong because, in this world, she isn’t the one who quit her job, and there must be several opportunities waiting for her that she can use to get a job.

On the other side, Abhimanyu decides to cook but receives a notification from Rumors Ramola’s tweet, which talks about Asmita’s outburst in front of everyone towards Abhimanyu and the video clip in which Asmita tells Abhimanyu that she refuses to work with him. The further tweets add that Abhimanyu is going to come out of this situation where his respect and ego get hurt. On the other side, Maya reads Rumors Ramola’s tweets about Paper Ink and calls Abhimanyu, but when it goes unanswered, she screams out of anger.

Dear Ishq 1st February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Asmita recalls rumors Ramola tweets about her and then comes to her bed. Both her mother and grandmother enter, arguing with one another. Asmita refuses to listen to them, saying she is tired, but her mother insists she is a judge. They both once again blamed one another for the electricity bill.

Her grandmother says she wants to watch an adult film, which shocks and surprises both Asmita and her mother. They both burst into laughter. Her grandmother suggests they watch together, which makes Asmita laugh hard. She then asks Asmita why she looks upset. Asmita’s mother collapses unconscious, clutching her hands. Asmita shouts at Maa and rushes to her.


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