Dear Ishq 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Asmita arriving at Abhimanyu’s house. Nannu says that Abhimanyu is waiting for her only. Abhimanyu asks Asmita not to listen to Nannu’s nonsense. Nannu tells Asmita about Abhimanyu’s way of cleaning the room. Asmita hides her smile. Abhimanyu scolds him and then takes her to her room. Meanwhile, Anirbhan asks Rizwan to open the room door. He then opens the door himself and rushes to Rizwan. He looks on, shocked. Here Asmita decides not to sit near Abhimanyu so that she doesn’t give him any wrong signals, so she attempts to move her chair aside.

She further deliberately shows her screen in which her and Shauvik’s picture is. Abhimanyu notices it. He tells her about the importance of each relationship and the way it forms, then makes her stay in the same place and sit beside her. Anirbhan finds Rizwan in the corner of the room, watching the leaked CCTV footage. Rizwan worriedly states that he doesn’t want to lose his career, whatever he did was unintentional. Anirbhan tries to calm him down and asks whether he knows about the guy who entered the office wearing a hoodie. Rizwan looks on.

Here Asmita gets upset reading Rumour Ramola’s tweet that states the petition to ban Abhimanyu’s book reached a million signatures. She shares the same with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu turns off both their mobiles and asks Asmita to concentrate on her work. Asmita obliges. Abhimanyu stared at Asmita while she was reading the book. Asmita tells him that he is distracting her by staring at her. Abhimanyu gets taken back. He decides to leave the place to give Asmita the place.

Asmita notices Abhimanyu removing his shirt and massaging himself with an ice cube. She stares at him and then complains Abhimanyu is distracting her. Here Peter goes near Arya’s place, which is sealed. Maya arrives there and questions him for trying to enter the site. She also accuses him of attempting to tamper with the evidence, which the police warn them not to do it also wrong. Peter shouts at her for accusing him of this. He further states that he is worried about their Paper Ink because whatever is happening, its reputation is at stake, so out of his panicked state, he is just checking whether anyone tried to tamper with the evidence and then leaves. Maya looks on.

Later Asmita is busy reading the new chapter when the CCTV footage reveals a guy in a hoodie face as Abhimanyu. Maya and Peter get stunned. Their employees also become speechless. Rizwan gets relieved. Bani gets annoyed. Shauvik gets worried and calls Asmita, and when he finds it’s switched, his worry intensifies. Abhimanyu returns to his room with coffee for himself and Asmita.

Asmita excitedly shares with him how much she likes his story. Also, she is curious about what will happen to his character. Abhimanyu smiles and asks Asmita to have the patience to read his next chapter. Asmita turns on her phone and gets shocked to find 74 missed calls from Shauvik which she finds strange. She calls him, and Shauvik asks Asmita not to react to whatever he tells her and listens with a smile on her face.

Asmita obliges. Shauvik reveals the hoodie man is none other than Abhimanyu. He also says Abhimanyu is dangerous and on his way to pick her up, so he asks Asmita not to panic and make Abhimanyu grow suspicious of her. Out of fear, Asmita shouts. Abhimanyu gets confused seeing Asmita’s reaction, so he questions her about it.

Asmita makes some lame excuse that confuses Abhimanyu. She then wonders whether she should confront Abhimanyu but decides not to, as she doesn’t want to risk her life. Abhimanyu notices Asmita’s behavior and questions her about it. Asmita wonders what to reply. Just then, Nannu urges Abhimanyu to come outside and see what’s happening. Abhimanyu gets confused and leaves the place.


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