Dear Ishq 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the employees dancing happily at the party. Asmita sees the employees running towards Abhimanyu to take pictures. Asmita searches for Rizwan and wonders whether he will arrive or not. Rizwan is on his way to the party. Abhimanyu looks at Asmita while he takes pictures with his fans. Maya arrives there and takes Abhimanyu from there.

Abhimanyu thanks her for saving him. Maya says his thanks are unnecessary after what he has been through at their previous party. Abhimanyu says that he doesn’t think what happened at the previous party will happen now because Asmita resigned from her job. In addition, after everything that had occurred, he signed a contract with them and then asked Maya what she thought Asmita would do if anything unthinkable happened.

Dear Ishq 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maya gets nervous but assures him nothing will happen that will upset him. Peter arrives there with a few investors and introduces them to Abhimanyu. Asmita looks nervous and worried, recalling what will happen after Rizwan arrives. Her mother calls her and asks if everything is fine at the party, as she seemed worried when she left the house earlier. Asmita assures her everything is fine and hopes it will remain the same.

Abhimanyu and Peter are having drinks. Abhimanyu watches Asmita. Dev and Arya suspect one of their employees of being a rumor ramola, check his phone, and realize he isn’t. They both then join the other people and happy dance with them. Abhimanyu says to Peter that he wants someone to be by his side at this party, introduce him to everyone, and fulfill his needs.

Peter calls out Arya and Dev, but Abhimanyu suggests Asmita’s name, as she is the one who is staying away from those who are enjoying the party. Peter asks Abhimanyu if he is certain about reminding him of what always happens when they are together. Abhimanyu tells him that he is fine with Asmita helping him with the party. Peter calls out Asmita.

Asmita goes to where Peter and Abhimanyu are. She thinks Abhimanyu must have told her something to Peter; that’s why the latter called her, and she asks Peter the reason behind his calling her here. Peter orders Asmita to be by Abhimanyu’s side throughout the party to assist him and warns her not to do anything like before to upset them, then leaves. Asmita gets angry and annoyed. Abhimanyu asks Asmita to follow him. Asmita obliges. Abhimanyu asks her to fill his drinks.

Asmita agrees, but Abhimanyu says he doesn’t like diluted drinks and dumps the contents of his glass on the floor, shocking Asmita. Asmita once again refills his drink and says to herself that she regretted inviting Rizwan to the party, but now she is happy that she made the right decision and can’t wait for Rizwan’s entry.

Asmita gives Abhimanyu his drink, and the latter has it once before asking her to refill it again by calling her waiter. Asmita controls her anger and does what he asks her to do. At the party, Abhimanyu and Asmita walk together. Abhimanyu wonders why Asmita is not reacting to his provocation. Maya is shocked to see Asmita and Abhimanyu together.

She rushes to Peter and tells him that they have to separate them or else a repeat of what happened at their previous party may happen. Peter asks Maya to relax, saying that he is the one who asked Asmita to assist Abhimanyu tonight, and he warned her already. Maya gets angry and scolds Peter.

Abhimanyu’s fans ask him for an autograph. The former agrees to do it. He sees the pen isn’t working, so he demands Asmita fetch it for him. Asmita tells herself repeatedly that her time will come soon. Rizwan enters the party. Everyone rushes to him, even the one who asked for Abhimanyu’s autograph, who snatches her notepad from him and rushes to Rizwan.

Abhimanyu gets furious at seeing Rizwan, and the latter is busy greeting the fans around him. Rizwan gets questioned about his personal life, which he refuses to speak about. Maya and Peter are taken aback when they see Rizwan. Peter chastises Maya after learning that she delegated responsibility for inviting guests to their party to Asmita.

Maya tells Peter that she will talk to Asmita and then says to herself, “Asmita crossed all the limits today,” while glaring in her direction. Asmita looks at Abhimanyu’s reaction and gets happy. Rizwan’s assistant asks Rizwan to talk about his new book to the fans, but the latter says no one is interested in his books but in his personal life.

Asmita smirks and returns Abhimanyu’s drinks to him, then goes to Rizwan to greet him. She thanks him for arriving at the party despite the late invitation. Rizwan praises her for being courageous. When Abhimanyu sees Asmita and Rizwan interact, he becomes enraged. Rizwan and Asmita go to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu and Rizwan greet each other.

Asmita says to Rizwan that she learned he is a best-selling author, so she completed reading his book after Abhimanyu advised her to read fiction too. Abhimanyu mocks her for listening to his advice and then asks her to read read-worthy fictional books. He then questions Rizwan about who invited him and insults him by asking if he arrived as an uninvited guest.

Rizwan gets angry. Abhimanyu notices Asmita’s discomfort and realizes she is the one who invited Rizwan to the party. He says to Rizwan that before he arrived at the party, Asmita was beside him to assist him. He orders Asmita to do the same for Rizwan, then leaves there. Asmita looks on with anger.


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