Dear Ishq 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Asmita recalling Abhimanyu’s words about Shauvik while waiting for Shauvik. Shauvik arrives there to pick her up. Asmita asks Shauvik, “Has he met Abhimanyu?” Shauvik says yes. Asmita asks him how he got his number.

Shauvik claims he took it from her phone and that all he wants to do is warn Abhimanyu for bothering her and tell her not to worry because Abhimanyu will not bother her in the future. Asmita says to Shauvik that he is wrong about Abhimanyu, and she is sure Abhimanyu will trouble her even more.

Dear Ishq 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Dear Ishq 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Dear Ishq 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Shauvik tells Asmita that Abhimanyu is using her provocation reaction against her, so she should stop giving him any reactions when Abhimanyu provokes her. He also makes a joke to lighten up Asmita’s mood. Asmita receives Abhimanyu’s address. Later, as Abhimanyu is getting ready for the walk, the doorbell rings.

Nannu gets the courier. Abhimanyu thinks it must be one of his fans who sent some gifts, so he asks Nannu to keep it with him. Just then, he receives a message from Asmita telling him that she sent her favorite book to him. Nannu also informs Abhimanyu that a book is included in the package and hands it over to him.

Abhimanyu is taken aback when he discovers The City of Lakes books, which I wrote with his father, Raman. He recalls a recent conversation he had with his father about his books, as well as Asmita telling him it was her favorite book. Asmita sends a message to Abhimanyu, asking him to keep the book safe and return it to her after reading the whole book. Abhimanyu leaves the house angrily. Asmita wonders whether she made the wrong decision by sending Abhimanyu her favorite book. She decides not to worry about it at all.

Neeta visits Abhimanyu and becomes emotional when she sees Raman’s book on the table. Nannu informs her that Abhimanyu bought this book. Neeta leaves the place happy. Nannu wonders why everyone is running away after looking at this book. Abhimanyu is jogging on the road. He recalls the arguments that have taken place between him, Asmita, and Raman. On the other side, Asmita notices both her mother and grandmother are arguing about something.

She decides to sneak into her room without their knowledge, but she is discovered. She overhears their argument about whether to send gifts to a relative who invited them to a wedding but they did not attend. She then receives a call from the doctor. Both her mother and grandmother insist they want to hear what the doctor has to say about her mother’s report, so Asmita takes a seat next to them.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu receives a call from Maya. She tells him about the promotion of his book, suggesting that the first two chapters be published freely so that it will intrigue people and soon break all his previous best-selling books in the country. She also talks to her daughter, which confuses Abhimanyu, but she apologizes and clarifies the confusion.

Abhimanyu tells her that he will meet her directly, and they can discuss it then. Here, Asmita and both her mother and grandmother get happy when the doctor informs them that Asmita’s mother is perfectly fine.

Raman hears Abhimanyu’s book news and its reviews. Neeta arrives there and informs him that Abhimanyu bought his book to be ready, so she advises him to take a step towards reconciling his relationship with Abhimanyu because Abhimanyu is also trying to do the same. Later, Abhimanyu is surprised to find his father, Raman, waiting at the door with his favorite ice cream.

He says to Raman that it’s too late and closes the door in Raman’s face. Abhimanyu then decides to write his novel. He doesn’t like his first chapter, so he deletes it. He then imagines Asmita by his side, mockingly laughing at him and questioning why he deleted the first chapter of the story.

Abhimanyu shouts at her, saying it’s the way he does it while writing a story and that it has nothing to do with her opinion. He also gives Asmita a few more different ideas about his story, but Asmita criticizes each one, which makes Abhimanyu furious. Asmita laughs and says to Abhimanyu that she is sure he’ll end up writing a story like she likes a novel, then disappears.

Dear Ishq 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhimanyu looks on. The next day, Abhimanyu is in Maya and Peter’s cabin and sees that Asmita isn’t here yet and also that the workers are busy decorating the office. Maya informs him it’s their 25th anniversary and also invites him to the party. Abhimanyu misunderstands that it’s their wedding anniversary, so he congratulates both Maya and Peter, saying it’s easy to keep up a relationship this long.

Maya clarifies that it’s Paper Ink’s anniversary, then indirectly taunts Peter. Abhimanyu says to himself that he might have touched the wrong nerve. He then tells Maya and Peter that he is changing his story when Maya asks him about the next chapter. Peter and Maya look shocked.


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