Chashni 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Chashni 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chandini taking Tarun’s permission to use the washroom. He demands her to return asap, reasoning they won’t wait for anyone. Tarun teases her that Maanav should build a bathroom for her as he gave the job to her. Chandini uses the washroom outside, refuses to drink water, and does not use the toilet again. Tarun scolds her when she is late. He demands she cleans the store room. Chandini cleans the store room and finds Sanjay’s name on the board. She thinks that she needs his support. She will face everything.

Meanwhile, Roshini asks Poppy. Is everything ready? He says to her that everything is over. Roshini is surprised by the decorations and appreciates his work. Later, Chandini returns home and finds it dark. She is surprised to see the decorations after the lights turn on. Grandmother congratulates Chandini. Vandana says that it’s not her dream, but Chandini is happy, so she has no problems with it. Chandini thanked Roshini for the decorations.

Vandana asks her what happened to her. Her dress is dirty. Manav comes there and lies to them. Chandini thanked Manav for supporting her. He says to her that he applied for a ladies’ washroom. But it will take a little time to build. She says to him that she will manage. Chandini says to Manav that she brought Sanjay’s name board with her. Manav didn’t respond positively to her. Chandini asks him if he thinks her papa is innocent. Maanav says that if she believes he is clear, it’s right. Bindhu asks Maanav how long he is going to watch Chandini from away.

He had to propose to her. Maanav tells her that Natasha isn’t ready to give him a divorce. She left him with her boyfriend when Diya was six months old. Her boyfriend. She didn’t consider that Diya had a fever. Bindhu tells him that Vandana is searching for a groom for Chandini. If he waits for her, then someone will take her from here. Raunaq comes there to make it enjoyable. Maanav admires Chandini. Raunaq comes between them, so he can’t see her well. Chandini goes inside.

Raunaq tastes the Golgappe and appreciates the taste. He pays the money, but he refuses to take it. He forces him to accept it. He tastes the sweets. Chandini notices him and inquires about what he is doing here. It’s her house. He asks her to ask others too. He is enjoying the sweets. He says that she was stalking him. Chandini says to him that she invited them but not him. He tells her that he doesn’t know it’s a private party. He tells her that he paid money for it.

Bindhu and Vandana went there. Raunaq takes their blessings and introduces himself to them. Bindhu asks him to eat something. Raunaq says that he ate Golgappe. Chandini asks him to leave. Bindhu asks her to behave. He is their guest. His uncle informed her that they had to take care of him.

Farhad’s mom informs him that Chandini is celebrating the party. Farhad fumes after hearing it. He thinks that he won’t leave them. Roshini goes to collect the gift. Someone kidnapped her. She feels relieved after seeing Nirbhay there. Both spend quality time with each other.


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