Bigg Boss 16 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Today’s episode starts with Salman Khan’s greeting. He mentions elimination. Salman says they will talk with Ekta Kapoor and Diwakar too. Salman meets inmates. He spots Sumbul and Shiv doing the practice. He confronts Shiv and Sumbul about dancing. Salman asks Nimrit, Shiv, Sumbul, and Stan why they didn’t discuss anything over Shalin and Tina’s fight.

He becomes enraged at the inmates for failing to express themselves. Salman says to Shiv that he left the ticket to the finale for Nimrit. Shiv denies. Salman says to Shiv that if he is thinking he is giving content to the show, he is wrong. He asks Shiv not to be overconfident that he will be in the finale. Shiv sits stunned.

Bigg Boss 16 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update
Bigg Boss 16 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Salman says to Shiv and Stan that they are giving boring content to the show. He confronts Shiv for not giving his opinion on certain things. Shiv agrees with Salman for not being vocal about his opinion. Salman asks the inmates to gather in the garden area. He asks inmates to perform a task named “sin.” He asks inmates to give their desired tags to each other.

Tasks start with Archana. Salman asks Archana to tag the person she thinks is greedy in the house. Archana gives the greedy tag to Nimrit. He asks Nimrit to play individually. Sumbul gives a fake tag to Tina. Tina receives the “ego tag” from Nimrit. She claims Tina belittles others. Tina claims she wears two faces to avoid people taking advantage of her. Salman praises Tina. Shiv assigns the betrayal tag to Shalin. Salman asks Stan to perform a dance before doing the task. Stan says Soundarya plays along with Shalin.

Tina gives the “aggression” tag to Shalin. Salman says to Shalin that his conversation with Big Boss was totally off. Shalin apologizes to Salman. Salman calls Shalin mentally weak. Nimrit is labeled as jealous by Priyanka. Nimrit claims Priyanka has a misconception. Soundarya gives the lazy tag to Shalin. The task ended with Shalin giving the “stupid” tag to Priyanka. Salman says Shalin got maximum tags. He asks the inmates to think about the task. Shalin asks Soundarya to befriend her. Soundarya accuses Shalin of trying to destroy her image. Archana asks Soundarya to avoid Shalin.

Salman welcomes Ekta Kapoor and director Diwakar Banerjee on stage. Ekta and Diwakar promote their upcoming movie, “Love, Se*, and Dhoka 2.” Salman talks with Diwakar and Ekta. Salman asks the inmates to decide on the elimination. He asks to vote out Shalin, Tina, Sumbul, and Soundarya. It gets tied between Tina, Shalin, and Soundarya. Salman asks Shiv, Sumbul, Priyanka, Archana, Stan, and Nimrit to give a majority decision over the nominated contenders.

Priyanka, Archana, Nimrit, Sumbul, Stan, and Shiv Priyanka voted for Soundarya. Shiv supports Priyanka. He claims Shalin and Tina are at least adding content to the show. Archana is against Soundarya’s name. Shiv says Shalin is involved in the game. Nimrit, vote for Tina. Shiv and Nimrit argue with each other during the discussion. The majority chose Soundarya’s name. The big boss asks Soundarya to bid adieu to the inmates and leave. Archana breaks down for Soundarya.

Sumbul asks Shiv if they are with her because of Sajid. Stan and Shiv ask Sumbul not to overthink. Archana says to Priyanka that Nimrit will come with her. Ekta and Diwakar meet the inmates. They perform a snake and ladder task with inmates. Sharin won the task after the majority of the contestants voted him out as the snake.

Ekta next asks the inmates to perform, as Diwakar wants to select an actor for his upcoming movie, LSD2. Inmates perform. Ekta praises Nimrit and Shiv’s act. Diwakar and Ekta cast Nimrit for LSD2. Inmates get happy for Nimrit. Priyanka and Archana hug each other. Shiv asks Stan, Nimrit, and Sumbul if he seems overconfident. Nimrit denies.

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