Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Krushna Abhishek feeling glad to be in the house. Bharti Singh enters the house on the occasion of the grand finale. Salman Khan enters the house. Bharti and Krushna entertain Salman. Bharti and Salman go out. Krushna welcomes the top five finalists in the grand area. He comments on Priyanka, Stan, and Archana.

He further says Shiv’s dream will be fulfilled as a “wild card” entry is called for him. Bharti Singh played a joke on Shiv. Shiv and others enjoy Bharti and Krushna say season 16 will be known as “Mandali” and “No Mandail.” They ask Archana what she thinks about Nimrit. Archana believes Nirmit could have done better if he hadn’t been a part of Mandali. Priyanka agrees with Archana.

Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sajid, Nimrit, Abdu, and Sumbul hear the conversation. They enter the house and keep their point of view. Big Boss welcomes the season 16 contenders. Sajid praises the season and says this one is known for witnessing genuine friendship. Season 16 is a hit. Krushna and Bharti perform Mandali vs. non-Mandali tasks. Shiv, Sumbul, Nimrit, and Stan team up. Shalin, Priyanka, and Archana team up. Both roast each other.

Bharti and Krushna entertain inmates. They crack jokes. plays the musical chair task again with mandali and non-mandali. Shiv, Nimrit, and Stan team up. Priyanka, Shalin, and Archana team up. Archana wins the musical chair task. Abdu dances with Nimrit, Soundarya, and Priyanka. Krushna and Bharti ask the inmates to do confession as today is the last day.

Sajid asks Shiv not to feel bad if he doesn’t want to. Shiv praises Sajid. Bharti and Krushna joke about Sajid and Stan. Krushna and Bharti perform another task with the inmates. They challenge the inmates to compete in a timed event. The task started with Shalin and Nimrit and ended with Stan and Archana. The Big Boss addresses the top five finalists.

Krushna and Bharti recreate Shalin and Tina’s moment in the house. Inmates enjoy. Krushna leaves the house. Bharti calls Priyanka. She asks questions about Stan, Archana, and Ankit. Krushna re-enters the house as Dharmendra. Inmates enjoy. Big Boss shows the entire journey of the inmates. The Big Boss Anthem is performed by inmates.

Salman Khan takes over the stage. He welcomes inmates and audience members. Salman says the nation will get its winner today. The Big Boss introduces Shiv, Shalin, Archana, Stan, and Priyanka. Archana, Shalin, Shiv, Stan, and Prianka welcome their mother into the house. They thank their big boss. Salman meets inmates. He claims that Ankit and Gautam won the show and are earning more than the other housemates.

Salman pulls Shalin’s leg. He makes fun of Shalin’s cleavage. Salman informs Abdu that he is going to see Big Brother. He further pulls Stan’s leg. Stan copies Mr. Touqeer’s acing. Sumbul’s father enters the house. Stan gets afraid. Touqeer copies Stan. He says he never felt bad after Stan tried to copy him. Salman enjoys.

Ahead, Archana performs the dance. Salman calls Archana’s brother on the stage. He performs the dance. Shiv and Shalin try to copy Archana’s brother. According to Salman, the big boss will take over. The big boss asks the finalists to debate and reveal who is in the top five. He declares that the top four finalists must be obtained.

Shiv, Stan, and Archana vote for Shalin. Shalin takes Archana’s name. He defends himself. Shalin gets evicted. Salman asks Shalin to come on the stage. Shalin meets Maahim. He meets Stan, Priyanka, and Archana and wishes them good luck. Ekta Kapoor offers the Bekaboo show to Shalin. Salman gives the buzzer trophy to Shalin. Shalin enjoys.

Shalin performs the dance and sums up his journey. Salman Khan premieres a new song from his upcoming film, “Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ka Jaan.” Mandali performs a group dance. Archana, Shalin, and Priyanka join. Salman welcomes Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel. They promote their upcoming movie, Gadar 2. Sunny Deol from Gadar 2 is transformed by Abdu.

Sunny Deol performs a task with the top four finalists. Priyanka, Shiv, and Stan are now the top three. Archana gets evicted. Archana gets emotional. Salman welcomed Archana onto the stage. Vikas imitates Archana. Gautam dances with Ameesha and Sunny. Krushna enters the stage as Dharmendra. Salman laughs at Dharmendra’s joke.

Krushna performs with Tina’s mother too. Salman and the others laugh. He calls Krushna fantastic. Krushna promotes his show, “Big Buzz.” Salman promotes “Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal.” Priyanka introduces Isha. Shiv introduces Armaan and Shalin Veer. Gashmeer and Sumbul dance together.

Salman Khan introduces the unwanted love story of Priyanka and Ankit. Salman Khan introduces the Junooniyat show. Salman pulls Stan’s leg over praising Priyanka. Bigg Boss calls Stan’s girlfriend, “booba.” Stan gets happy. Abdu sings a new song for Big Boss and the inmates. Salman allows Abdu. Abdu sings the song “Bohot Chalak Bro.”

Salman talks with Shiv. He inquires as to who he believes to be the most powerful player. Shiv takes Priyanka’s name. Sajid says both Shiv and Priyanka are strong contenders. Shiv and Priyanka perform a dance together. Priyanka gets evicted. Salman Khan talks with Priyanka. Shiv and Stan become the top two finalists. Salman Khan declares Stan the winner. Stan gets happy.


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